Unreal Engine 4 to go public at E3

Epic Games will unveil its next generation Unreal Engine at the biggest event in the industry calendar.

Games studio developers are being invited to watch a demonstration of the new engine technologies at E3, Epic Games has confirmed to Develop.

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Yangus2253d ago

Good news,i think UE4 awesome!

egidem2253d ago

Hopefully they also introduce it along with UT4?

ChiVoLok02253d ago

That would make me s*** my pants... almost.

Optical_Matrix2253d ago

The hype train....I think I may just buy a ticket

GamingPerson2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

If there is no ps4 or 720 @ e3. I hope they announce the pc exclusive shooter on ue4! I hope it's UT4! That franchise doesn't need to go down hill again. When a game is good and you try to change it for another crowd it's no good.

DeadlyFire2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

There is not a chance in hell they show the engine without showing support for a platform with it!!

Doubtful a full game presence will be there, but not impossible for them to announce at least one Unreal Engine 4 title in development. While it might not run on WiiU. I think the GDC 2012 presentation might run on WiiU which was the whole point of referencing it as Unreal 3.9 :P

Unreal Engine 4.0 is quite impressive from these images. Visually unchallenged. Can't wait myself for 2013/2014 to see Crytek bring out CryEngine 4 to compete as well as the first wave of Next generation games on Unreal 4. :)

Farsendor12249d ago

pc is a platform and it is the best gaming platform out there.

neogeo2253d ago

I will build a spaceship... A SPACESHIP!

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