Noobs Beware – The Battlefield Patrol is Watching You


You may think your having fun driving that tank around with your friends just for a laugh, but while you’re having fun your team is losing because you’re not playing the objectives. This is where the Battlefield Patrol comes into play, keeping people in check.

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Echo3072134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

This is pretty dumb, but it did provide a couple of laughs and someone obviously spent a long time putting it all together. Props to them.

Now, if only battlecops were real and could replace all the non-objective playing noobs with people that at least TRY to play the game right, we'd be set.

Tru_Blu2134d ago

I thought it was pretty funny.

OneAboveAll2130d ago

Funny thing about this is that the dumb cop wasn't PTFO either. I wish he would have gotten sniped in the head while trying to arrest those two. Would have made my day.

tunaks12134d ago

with players standing around not doing anything, pretending to knife each other etc, the makers are ironically "not playing the objectives"

glennco2134d ago

it sucks that people don't play the objective but can you really blame them. look at what you can do in the game... don't get me wrong, i get frustrated with them as well but realistically they are still satisfying one objective of the game... having crazy fun

liquidhalos2134d ago

well said. I think its safe to say that every BF3 player has messed around for the sake of fun every now and then

Hufandpuf2133d ago

Jump off of helipad on davamond peak.


Jump off of helipad on davamond peak.