Beta Registrations for DUST 514 Are Now Open

CCP Games has just informed us that players can now register for beta access to DUST 514, a free-to-play first person shooter for the PS3. You can register here

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Godmars2902281d ago

And...the link to registration is down...:(

GamerSciz2281d ago

Yea I noticed that too. They are probably fixing some small issue. I would give it an hour max but you never know.


Does this imply a registration for PSVita Beta too?

Hellsvacancy2281d ago

I signed up ok, hope i get a code

TekoIie2281d ago

Same here! Never wanted to contribute to the success of game so much :)

Pintheshadows2281d ago

Thankyou sir. Now I shall keep my fingers crossed.

DA_SHREDDER2281d ago

I registered. Bye bye old life. Hello Dust. Come to pa pa

Statix2281d ago

Game looks promising, and you can't complain about the price. Wonder how the hell they're gonna make their money back with that free-to-play model, though. Maybe they're just writing this off as a way to market EVE Online and bring in more subscribers to their MMO?

Deputydon2281d ago

Microtransactions, like every other F2P MMO...

Meaning, 'buy this special item for $1.99'

The problem is that Eve charged waaaay to much for those types of transactions outside of Iceland. I remember a pair of glasses was like $70 US.

TekoIie2281d ago

Quote from EVE FanFest:

"This is not a pay to win game" *crowd cheers*

Nothing to be worried about. I guess most of these items will be weapon skins, character skins and maybe ways to get early access to equipment. Dunno have to wait and see.


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The story is too old to be commented.