Clockw0rk Joins Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Developer as Community Manager

Already brimming with fighting game talent such as Maj and Ed Ma, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal developer Superbot Entertainment has added another member of the fighting game community to their ranks in the form of Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago.

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supremacy2253d ago

Good, the more the merrier. Fighting is the only genre Sony hasnt really dwelve in, so this is much needed.

thrashermario2253d ago

who is this guy is he any good

LeXxXiNgToN2253d ago

Search "Clockw0rk vs Neo" on YouTube.

cowbell2253d ago

This guy is a MVC2 God.. He also helped write the MVC3 strategy guides. Congrats to Clock.

smashcrashbash2253d ago

More fighting power. PASBR is not going to be just some 'rip off' like people keep saying. It's going to rock for sure. I just read it's going to have a ton of different modes and custom games and tournaments