Borderlands 2 GameStop Exclusive Pre-order Offer

Exclusive GameStop pre-orders gets access to Borderlands 2 Creative Slaughter Dome, and Moxxi's Rocket Launcher.

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vickers5002257d ago

I hate Gamestop. I'd rather wait for the dlc to come out later (confirmed on gearbox twitter) than buy from Gamestop.

jwk942257d ago

You'd rather pay more money because you hate a game store?

vickers5002256d ago

Assuming the Gamestop dlc will cost 10 bucks, I would be paying about the same amount of money. Amazon doesn't charge the 5(or more, idk if it's more for ce's)tax, plus the gas it would take to drive down to my local Gamestop would probably equal out to 10 bucks, so i'm not really paying more, but even if I were, yeah I'd still avoid Gamestop. I've had terrible experiences with them before, they are an awful store, one which I despise.

PFirefly2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Assuming 25 mpg and 4 per gallon price, you're telling us that you have to drive 60+ miles round trip to get to your local gamestop? Either you're exaggerating the fuel cost, or you should seriously consider not living in the middle of nowhere.

I have 6 gamestops within 10 miles... and the closest one to me has excellent customer service. If it didn't I'd have 5 others to choose from.

jwk942256d ago

The DLC comes with the gamestop pre-order, you're paying more if u don't order from gamestop. I can't believe people are so angry at one corporation that they aren't willing to save money.

vickers5002256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )


Okay Mr. Specific, whatever. 5 bucks really isn't worth going to gamestop over ordering from Amazon.


It's a very small price to pay for avoiding a corporation that I've had pretty terrible experiences with. They've sold me "new" games that had already been opened, one even on launch day, told me to pick a case off of the shelf. About 80% of the time I go in there for one of their "specials" or "deals", they never fully honor it or they change it to something that's different than was advertised, they NEVER remember to give me my pre-order bonuses, I always have to ask, and sometimes I forget to ask, so I have to drive all the way back to the freaking store just to ask them. Their trade in credit is a f'ng joke, even for newer games. Whenever I go and try to pre-order something, trade something in, ask for my pre-order bonus, the person at the counter usually tends to be a moron. It once took 20 minutes to pre-order something because most of them don't know what they're doing.

So, would I pay 5-10 bucks to avoid one or more of the above issues? Hell yeah. Plus, Borderlands 2 on Amazon has a $10 dollar promotional credit, I don't know if that will apply to the collectors edition of the game since it rarely does, but there's a small chance it will, and TWICE now whenever I've ordered a CE from Amazon that had no promo credit but the standard game did, I was given that credit by an Amazon customer support person. So I'd rather order from a company that is frankly awesome and pay 5 extra bucks that I've never had a single problem with (since any time they DO have a problem, they fix it very quickly), than a company that, every time I enter their store, am greeted with incompetence and bullcrap.

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thrasherv32257d ago

"Also revealed was the exclusive offer available only for GameStop pre-orders."

Revealed months ago.