Black Ops 2′s open gameplay explained, “your ending won’t be the same as someone else’s”

In this interview with Treyarch boss Mark Lamia he explains Black Ops 2′s open gameplay and how the choices you make can affect the story, your choice of missions and the ending you get.

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ArchangelMike2256d ago

We've heard that before *cough*Bioware*cough

synchroscheme2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I expect red, blue and green nukes going off at the end. :)

Nitrowolf22256d ago

True, but hey at least they are bring some changes to the series, at least for story.
Seems like a good step in the right direction TBH, I mean at least there are some changes this time around.

MAJ0R2256d ago

Oh give me a break Treyarch...

Basjohn2256d ago

Heard this so many times before. Does anyone remember that Fallout 3 claimed to have "OVER 100 POSSIBLE ENDINGS!"? Turned out those "endings" were still screen shots with 10 seconds of slightly altered narration on them. Games just don't deliver on "multiple endings" in modern times so please......don't be fooled.

Draperc2256d ago

The only game I can remember off the top of my head that truly had multiple unique endings is Heavy Rain, good god did that game have a bunch of endings.

Fylus2255d ago

I was just gunna say that lol.

Soldierone2256d ago

I like the comment otherwords one slightly different thing will happen if you make every choice different? Not bashing on Treyarch but we hear this all the time.

It seems that the middle of the game you start veering off, and then it comes to the end and its basically the same.

TekoIie2256d ago

I havent heard devs promising different endings other than Bioware. Also this is a shooter, its rare to find this sort of option in that genre this gen.

Soldierone2256d ago

You really need to watch more news stories then....heck you might see a few during E3.

gtxgamer22256d ago

At least their trying something different.

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The story is too old to be commented.