Diablo III - Punishing Honest Players

"Piracy is inevitable. Regardless of what steps are taken, someone will manage to crack a game, and like many other titles this will happen with Diablo III. The ironic thing, and we have seen it before in other entertainment industries, is that honest customers risk being punished for their honesty. Those who purchase movies find themselves staring at piracy warnings and now gamers find themselves staring at errors, while those who found a copy by nefarious means are able to enjoy the product."

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pandehz2318d ago

Is it a good game?

Not sure about it yet. Feels just like Diablo 2.

Diablo 2 was awesome but I dont feel like playing it all over again in a new skin.

Megaton2318d ago

Finished the starter pack, which is basically all of Act I. Pretty much just a more casual/streamlined Diablo 2 with a new coat of paint.

pandehz2318d ago

Dam lol

Was hoping at least 11 years later things would have changed.

Megaton2318d ago

Yeah, I dunno. I was insanely addicted to D2/LOD back in the day. Putting in the kinds of hours you only see in MMOs these days. I suppose if you're not looking for evolution or if you've just got a loot fetish, you could probably get your kicks from D3. For me, though, it's a pass. At least for now.

pr0digyZA2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Actually the starter pack only goes up to one third of act one still over four hours more of act 1 to go. And only at the end of act one does it start to get really good. The end of act three is amazing and act four is incredible.

OT: technically everyone is an honest player as this hasn't been cracked.

caboose322318d ago

Well there's the problem, people are going to complain that the game is too different from Diablo 2, and others are going to complain that it's too similar.

You can't please everyone.

SpartanGR2318d ago

Please somebody sue these clowns

GAMExxOVER2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Oh god, is this going to be another ME3 scenario where the game does not meet players high expectations then everyone demands their money back lol. This is why I do not pre order or buy games on day one. I give it a week to see what the suckers have to say first. Let them take point and be first to find the land mines.

2318d ago
Canary2318d ago

Diablo III is a far better game than either of its predecessors (if you remove that veil of nostalgia). Sure, some things are a bit "inferior" -- smaller areas being the biggest aspect, I'd say, as well as the limited nature of the randomization... but still well within acceptable limits.

The only real problem with the game is the always-online stuff... but that's not really a problem with the game itself, rather a problem with how players access the game.

And it's not their to combat piracy. It's a REQUIRED security measure that has to be there in order for Blizzard to run the RMAH. It's not about 'punishing,' anyone, it's about keeping their consumers from being ripped off (and also so blizzard can make even more money).

And while that's all I really have to say, I just want to comment that I am... what's the word... nauseated that there are still gamers out there so... stupid--so dense--as to think the problem with Mass Effect 3 was that gamers expected too much from it. That was not the problem, that was not even close to the problem, and even implying that it was just fills me with incredible amounts of pity, mixed with a bit of revulsion.

pr0digyZA2318d ago

Agree completely, its a more refined game than the previos one (except that stupid online rubbish). If people played the first diablo they would see what a shift diablo 2 did from that. Diablo 3 seems to reference the first diablo quite a lot as well. Nostalgia is definately playing a part in peoples perceptions.

Everyone I have met has really enjoyed it, all seem to have a lot of fun and are finding it even better on the harder difficulties.

kevnb2318d ago

People keep complaining, but everyone I know is addicted and having a good time.

reznik_zerosum2318d ago

internet is very moronic,u know game called COD,everybody on internet hate it but somehow SOMEHOW its menages to be most sold game of the year (lol)

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