Torchlight II - Weekend Stress Test Starts This Friday

DSOGaming writes: "Diablo III has finally been released and it seems that both Runic Games and Grinding Gear Games are trying hard to steal its thunder. Grinding Gear Games held a weekend stress test last week and Runic Games have revealed that a weekend test stress – for Torchlight II – will be initiated this Friday."

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oneangle2251d ago

Is it wrong that I was more excited for this than D3?

GamingPerson2251d ago

It's $20 and has mod tools.. I am hyped.

Trenta272251d ago

I feel the exact same way.

Christopher2251d ago

No, not wrong at all. Played the multiplayer demo, it was a great experience.

V0LT2251d ago

TL 2 will be so much of a better game than D3 will ever be.

PandaJenkins2251d ago

Been playing the beta, it's freaking fantastic. Anyone who was a fan of D2, Torchlight, or the genre in general needs to get this when it comes out.

tarbis2250d ago

Can't wait for this. I hope they don't have DRM here.