Fargo's Top 12 CES Gadgets and Gizmos (GameSpy)

Dave 'Fargo' Kosak of GameSpy gives one man's take on the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show:

"Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off the year with a look at everything -- and we mean everything -- that electronics retailers might be stocking shelves with in the coming year. This was my first CES, and I came to the show hoping to be dazzled by row after row of gadgets and gizmos galore. Instead, I discovered that there are no less than six thousand companies trying to sell iPod skins, and at least twice as many companies selling flatscreen TV wall mounts. Not exactly the sexiest stuff in the world.

Patience pays off, however. If you cruise around long enough you might just stumble on something genuinely interesting. That's what I've listed off here: My 12 favorite gadgets of the show. For additional coverage (and previews of any games on the show floor), be sure to check GameSpy's CES 2008 Index... On to the gizmos!"

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