The Last Of Us May Earn This Generation's Graphics Crown

The generation will be drawing to a close about the time this game arrives, and we may never see anything better (graphically) on the current consoles.

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Crystallis2315d ago

Totally agree. This is Naughty Dog after all.

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miyamoto2315d ago

The Uncharted Engine is the best Engine so far. ND is using it very well on TLOU.

ReconHope2315d ago

Maybe a little too early to say this.

cstyle2315d ago

The game will look fantastic but there has been no gameplay shown to the public just yet.

ZoyosJD2315d ago

There are gameplay screenshots avalible. In fact 9 pics into this slideshow taken straight from the demo that will most likely be shown at E3.

I haven't heard of any issues, so I assume its running smooth too.

cstyle2315d ago

Thats a private demo that was shown. Still the key word I used was "public" and "yet".

ZoyosJD2315d ago

ummmm... and "yet" those screenshots are of "gameplay" and are avalible to the "public"...are they not?

Please, don't get all defensive over the fact its not a "official gameplay video"...I'm just trying to provide info for those that await the game as eagerly as I do.

PR_FROM_OHIO2315d ago

2 Reasons why i'm not shocked that it will take the graphics crown
1)It's a PS3 exclusive!!
2)it's Naughty Dog!!

neogeo2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

It's always like that. I miss the cart game days when they could put a chip in the game itself and make a much bigger leap then they ever can today. Here is one. Snes had a main CPU speed of 3.58 mhz. Slow.
Star fox and donkey Kong country used the super fx chip that had its own [email protected] 17mhz. That's a huge jump!

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The story is too old to be commented.