IGN Readers' Views on Motion & Touch Controls

All data represented here unless otherwise noted is sourced from an online study IGN conducted in April 2012 recruited from our readers. With a worldwide response of over 62,000 this study is amongst the largest regarding the attitudes towards video games as a mainstream form of consumer entertainment.

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NYC_Gamer2251d ago

I can't stand motion control gaming myself....

iamnsuperman2251d ago

I think it is good when it is done well....just the problem is that isn't that often enough. When ever I can I play FPS with my move and sharpshooter (only if it is done well). Some sports games are nice to play once in a while. Singstar Dance is fun with a group of you.

The problem is all the companies are pushing for motion controls and most of the time it isn't done very well (but like have a film being in 3D when it doesn't need to just because it is in right now)

Amazingmrbrock2251d ago

I had lots of fun with killzone 3 and move. I'm going to get bioshock infinite on ps3 so I can play it with move. Sorcery looks protty good so I'll be getting that too. But that's a pretty short list, they showed sorcery before move released, and it's been ages since killzone 3 came out. I know I can play it with infamous 2 and uhh a couple other games that also added it in after release but those games are better with the controller.

MrMister2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

First off, Who cares what IGN reader's think? IGN hasnt done their own journalism in years. 2nd, the future of motion games is looking very bright, in recent light of company patents that Sony and Microsoft patented outside of their game departments (to try and hide the fact it's for games; but i'll provide links at the end). But first, let me tell you guys about IGN: Everytime a story pops up on IGN, it had already been getting hits on N4G for at least a full day. IGN just checks out N4G for their stories. Don't believe me? Keep an eye on the next big story, and I bet it'll only appear on IGN the next day (or two). So if people still go to IGN for their news, then they're obviously not informed gamers because if they wanted up to the minute news, they'd be watching N4G, 1up (which hasnt been that good lately, but is still better than ign), and Develope magazine (which is online & free). Maybe there are more that I don't know of--but I DO know that IGN is the last resort for up-to-date industry info. So by that deduction, they're die-hard readers are missinformed about a lot of things that are happening in the industry and the kinds of amazing new tech that could come out.

Still think the future of motion games is lame? Watch these:
(New patent by microsoft could be co-functional with Kinect and is already being tested with games)
(software that can be used to make Wii-motes extremely accurate, the way the Wii motion plus should have been--although video is old, AiLive are the developers of the Wii motion plus and will distribute the software to 3rd parties now, since 3rd parties already lost interest in the original wii)
(playstation patent on a new 3d interactive kinesthetic technology for their next gen console)

I agree--currently motion controls are quite underwhelming. But If anyone says that motion games will ALWAYS stay lame, even AFTER watching these video's, then their smoking crack.

mochachino2251d ago

Move was amazing in Killzone 3 imo....but unfortunately that was the only game it was actually better than a controller.

Nexgensensation2251d ago

Motion controls totally contradict gaming in general. lets be real the casual market barely play games so why tell them to stand up and play? Motion control is just a fad.

Dread2251d ago

I also cannot stand this motion control bull.

and i mean all, kinect, wiimote and move.
They will never replace the controller for me.

and i hope that both sony and ms stop focusing so much on it. Specially ms.

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