Xbox Live HBOGo App is an Epic Fail

TheHDRoom: "Gamers who try to log in to HBOGo are met with an error message from DirecTV saying that the service is temporarily down, and an 800 number is given "if the problem persists." And it does persist. Now, two weeks into May, the service is still down."

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Dlacy13g2322d ago

I think this is more of a Direct TV complaint since they are the ones blocking the app not an XBL failure. TV services providers are becoming increasingly afraid of these internet apps but the funny thing is I don't see why DirectTV would block since you must have an HBO subscription in order to get this.

StanLee2322d ago

The app is a failure. I don't have cable but I need to be a cable subscribe with HBO to use HBO go?! That doesn't make any sense. If I had HBO, I'd get the same content on HBO on demand.

guitarded772322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Through your cable box you get HBO on demand... thing is, you may not have a box in every room since each box costs more. You may be be running coaxial basic cable to bedrooms. This is where HBO GO app comes in. You can watch HBO programming from the device (XBOX). Also, HBO on demand is different than HBO GO. Honestly the app is more suited for tablets and PCs, but having it on XBOX is a nice option.

darthv722322d ago

the overuse of the term epic fail. I mean it has to die off now as Katey Perry uses it in one of the songs my daughter listens to.

That right there ruined it for the rest of us.

On topic, I have Uverse and recall ATT and MS had some sort of app that let the xbox act as a receiver. I dont see much info on that anymore. Did that end in "epic fail" as well?

Dlacy13g2322d ago

@darthv72 ...I too have Uverse and know of the app you are talking about. My understanding(as I called them about this) is its still available to use but AT&T charges a surcharge of $99 to install it to your xbox as a one time set up fee and required you to keep atleast 1 ATT Uverse box hooked up in the house. That is 100% why I wont use it. I do believe AT&T will come out with a new app (possibly E3) that is similar to the Xfinity app. But I would say AT&T's first attempt was "epic fail" given they didn't advertise it at all and the ridiculous cost they put to it.

dcbronco2322d ago

The app is far from a failure. Access is available to people that subscribe to HBO and that is a problem. But it isn't one that is caused by HBO. I'm sure they have clauses in their contracts with cable companies that don't allow for them to basically go solo. Either that or they were threatened with removal from the cable companies if they did allow a standalone app.

It will eventually move to that. With all of the movie channels moving to a streaming version there is less and less need for the cable companies.

The app itself is far better than HBO onDemand. The app has every episode of almost ever series ever on HBO available. Plus the latest movies. onDemand has a few series and only a few episodes.

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dubt722322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I've been on hbo go thru DirecTV since day 2 of the app with zero issues. I call user error.

Prince_Dim-Lu2322d ago

Agreed. Same here. What's the problem again with Live and HBO Go for Direct TV?

Drekken2322d ago

How fail does a fail have to be before it turns epic?

cstyle2322d ago

Stop Bitching and drop the service then....or just watch it on TV since you obviously already have HBO anyway.

Spitonyourgrave2322d ago

Your misuse of an overused buzz phrase is an epic fail ....

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