Peter Molyneux Will Provide Expert Analysis During E3 on Spike TV


Peter Molyneux is a creator of great video games, a recipient of the Order of the British Empire and, in the first week of June, he'll be the world's greatest E3 pundit, to boot.

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iamnsuperman2199d ago

I really not looking forward to this. At least he will not be doing PR rubbish he usually does (because he isn't trying to sell anything) but still.

Emilio_Estevez2199d ago

It might be nice to have a developers perspective throughout the whole thing.

Danniel12198d ago

Yeah it would be nice, too bad they got a PR guy who forgot how to make a good game about 8 years ago.

Hisiru2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I want Myamoto san or someone from Naughty Dog/Santa Monica.

Peter is a joke but I respect what he did in the past.

Convas2198d ago

Well, it could be interesting but ...

"Ugh, that was a horrid demonstration! Why are they still using controllers?!"

Anyways,E3 needs to hurry up. There are so many games I'm looking forward to seeing, so many announcements I'm hoping for.

Tommykrem2198d ago

No offense to Molyneux, but to me he does not seem like the guy to provide expert analysis. But he's an entertaining character, so why not.

Series_IIa2198d ago

So a man who has in the past set up 2 Major development studios, designed and programmed successful games is not expert enough...

Tommykrem2198d ago

Yeah, that's pretty much right on the money.

Game4life2198d ago

put adam sesler on there instead

supraking9512198d ago

i sense alot of butt kissing coming when it comes to MS and Kinect

ChunkyLover532198d ago

The guy had a great relationship with Microsoft and will actually be around for the Fable The Journey launch. Of course he isn't going to bad mouth them.

It'd be like if they had Reggie from Nintendo or Kaz from Sony. Of course they are going to suck up and not say anything negative.

supraking9512198d ago

Reggie and Kaz dont make games

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