Nintendo's Wii technology invented by an ex-Midway engineer?

Fox Chicago, Monday, 14 Jan 2008:

Chicago, Illinois - The dazzling technology behind Nintendo's Wii has made it one of the most popular video game systems in history. It's credited to several foreign inventors, but a suburban Chicago man says he actually designed and created the technology almost a decade ago. It's a bold claim, but is it true? Mark Saxenmeyer investigates.

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Maddens Raiders3988d ago

this guy Goschy is getting fuct by Nintendo and Midway. There is no doubt in my mind that this is his invention. Not only do American jobs get shipped overseas, but evidently so do all the ideas. Nasty stuff.

Legionaire20053987d ago

Everybody look at Japan as the lead in technology when in fact some ideas for new technologies came from America first. This guy is telling the truth!!! I hope he sue his foolish Midway Boss for taking away his dream from him and firing him in the process. I know what company not to work for once I get to design games. By the way Midway had lackluster games during holiday 07 like that game called Blacksite.

xplosneer3988d ago

Not saying it's 100% true, but this american patent lawyer stuff is needing a complete overhaul. Notice that companies sue others because they have the money to do so, but people almost NEVER do.

A restrictive contract for leaving the company? for withholding his patent that was never filed? He came up with it, and unless he specifically hand a paper to them saying "I leave all inventions and patents to Midway games", it's his no matter what they say. Forcing him to stay within the companny or release his ideas is blackmail, pure and simple. Period, end of story.

Legionaire20053987d ago

Here is a bubble for you nuff said.

Blasphemy3988d ago

I'm sorry but I don't believe basically because FOX News is reporting it. I don't fall for their BS news reports anymore.

wiizy3988d ago

that ex midway employee. should say he created that sixaxis trash. that i can believe...... but since nintendo is number one he wants some more money..clown

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