VGI: Sonic 4: Episode II Review

Wesley Copeland of VGI writes...

"49,939,200 seconds have passed since Sonic 4: Episode I was released. As the first real 2D sequel since Sonic & Knuckles in '94, it's safe to say the reviews were a mixed bag. Some people felt that nothing could match the nostalgia of their childhood, while others were willing to take Sonic 4 as a 2D Sonic game for the current generation..."

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BubloZX2322d ago

Lol boss battles to hard? Lmao they where easy as shit. I only lost one life throughout the entire game.

CoryHG2322d ago

I enjoyed episode 1. I downloaded the demo of 2 and it seemed sluggish. Also, this isn't worth $15. Sonic Generations is the Sonic game to get, that game is great. I'll wait until this game is about $8 before i pick it up.