Special Report: Servers Die Under Game’s Popularity; Players Pissed

With the Diablo server issues Scott breaks down his opinion on Single Player/Always online games. He even does a quick interview with Phegan, also from the D Pad D Bags, an avid PC gamer, about how he feels about it.

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modesign2226d ago

blizzard is bending over the consumer and shoving a huge rod in there anus.

Snookies122226d ago

Whew, glad I didn't buy this day one then... I like to avoid anus rods whenever possible...

Diver2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

news report: despite past incident company ignores history and punishes payin consumers with inept planning and poor server tech. story at 11.

Robotronfiend2226d ago

I'm going to follow this solely to see if anyone actually clicks "disagree" on that one. HAHA

Godmars2902226d ago

So basically this is happening because Blizzard and Activision set up a system in which servers were mandatory in order to play this game, knew for a fact that it was extremely popular, had early pre-order numbers for estimates, and then didn't provide enough servers.

There needs to be a new word for "stupid" to cover this.

Bimkoblerutso2226d ago

It didn't even need to happen. "Always on" gaming has got to be the biggest waste of time and resources the industry has ever seen.

At the risk of sounding like a Blaxploitation's just another case of the man trying to keep us down.

Perjoss2226d ago

What's more annoying, the servers being down or the people that keep moaning about it.

FlashXIII2226d ago

Well if blizzard had prepared themselves properly for the release people wouldn't be moaning.

Bimkoblerutso2226d ago

...the servers being down.

Robotronfiend2226d ago

Moaning is worse. Moaning won't fix anything or bring servers online faster, it's just noise pollution.

Also: not complaining on the internet =/= being happy.

Just because I don't complain does not mean I think server outages on launch are acceptable. Maybe I just have more patience.

Servers went down last night for about a half hour. I grabbed something to eat and played a few rounds of Awesomenauts on PSN. Sure enough the servers were back up in under 30 min and I didn't have to endure any self-inflicted nerd rage.

Bimkoblerutso2226d ago

Well, I guess my reasoning is is ignorable, and the other is not.

One cost me $60, and one is something that I don't even have to pay any attention to.

h311rais3r2226d ago

Game is fantastic when it's up and running.

Drekken2226d ago

Funny, last night I played from 530pm to 12am with 1 15minute interruption for rolling resets. Anyone who can't deal with that is just childish.

Day one I played from 630pm to 11PM when the servers crapped out. That is 8pM in Cali and I bet all the west coasters signing on at once killed the servers.

Blizzard knows how to run servers... Patience is key. The game is going to be played for many, many years to come. We don't have to have it all in one day.

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