The Walking Dead sells a million in 2 weeks

TVGB: "After topping the charts on both Xbox Live and Steam, and becoming the number four PSN seller for the month of April, the first episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead has sold over a million copies, the developer's announced. That's two weeks worth of sales then."

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mushroomwig2321d ago

So far I'm enjoying the game, I can't wait for the other episodes to be released.

A small nitpick though, I just wish the trophies were a little more imaginative, you can get a platinum just by completing all the chapters.

Trenta272321d ago

Agreed. The trophies left none to the imagination. If they were about picking a specific person to save or get every possible outcome, I would have been much happier. As for the game, it's a blast.

Wolfbiker2321d ago

I also think it could have been a great PlayStation Move enabled game

Christopher2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

That could always be patched in, but considering they're working on a staggered release timeline, I doubt they're focusing on that sort of stuff and instead working on future episodes, including graphics and voice overs.

Probably would be more doable with support/funding from Sony. Not sure if Sony is that focused on Move enabled games anymore, though. Sorcery seems to be the _only_ Move gaming coming out and the only other game I've heard about using it recently got pushed to 2013.

Christopher2321d ago

I think this is their best selling title. Definitely a sign of what they did right with their point and click game designs.

I hope they take what they've learned in making this game with them into their future endeavors. Many of the past ones have seems limited and fairly basic in design whereas the storylined focus elements of TWDe1 worked pretty well.

Captain Qwark 92321d ago

i thought the game was very good but i wish it was more interactive. the combat would be sick if they did it exactly how it is now but made it more real time.

example, everything is real time, you move with the analogue stick, aim with the other one, hit the face button to pick the item or ability. it would be awesome having 2-3 zombies coming at you then you maneuver around them, maybe aim at the legs and cut them off. that one is now crawling and less of a threat so you go after the other two

Christopher2321d ago

TellTale doesn't do "combat" or "action" games. This is the most action they've had in their games to date, to give you a measure of that statement.

The game will continue to be more "point and click" style than action-oriented. It works well for The Walking Dead, though, considering the action isn't really a major part of it in either the show or the comics.

ReconHope2321d ago

Going to play this thing right after bf3

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