'Forza Horizon' is an open-road racer

XMNR: Turn 10 Studios released the first screenshot for Forza Horizon, on Thursday along with the box art for the open-road racing game for the Xbox 360.

Yes, you read that right. Turn 10 Studios is moving away from the closed circuit tracks of its previous four Forza games and letting players drive on the open roads in Forza Horizon.

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Mkai282280d ago

It will be interesting if it will run at 60fps

Queasy2280d ago

I'm hoping this is something like Forza meets Test Drive Unlimited.

Nexgensensation2280d ago

forza meets test drive equals a 9.5 when reviewed. I want the next gran turismo to do the same

vividi2280d ago

sound interesting, forza is quality racer

vallencer2280d ago

As long as its better than fuel I will buy it. Fuel was an atrocity.

creeping judas2280d ago

FuEL had so much potential, and it was fun for a while. But when you got to the higher levels it felt like it was impossible to win, because the controls sucked so bad.

Dlacy13g2280d ago

track editor... I really want to see that in this game.

dubt722280d ago

A track editor in an open world?

Dlacy13g2280d ago

@dubt72 as much as this will claim to be an open world racer I am skeptical... plus even if it is truly an open world how great would it be to beable to create your own track in a sandbox like pit similar to what Forge did with the Halo 3 & Reach editor.

MrBeatdown2280d ago

Car customization aside, I'm hoping it's Forza in name only. I've got nothing against Forza, but I'm just not much of a sim fan. Even PGR was hard for me to get into since that had sim qualities. I want the full-blown arcade-style handling of Need For Speed, Midnight Club, or Split/Second. I absolutely love those games. Between EA forgetting about Burnout, Rockstar forgetting about Midnight Club, and Blur and Split/Second developers closing up, the arcade genre could use a shot in the arm.

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