The Imagination Engine: Why Next-Gen Video Games Will Rock Your World

As early as last March, Epic was making the case for more power with a demo screened at the 2011 GDC. Called Samaritan and built in Unreal Engine 3 with a new set of specialized plug-ins, the video showcased the rendering power of current high-end hardware, displaying an impressive array of effects, like realistic clothing, lifelike lighting, and highly detailed facial expressions. It took three high-end graphics cards to handle the demand, but it grabbed people’s attention. “We used it as an opportunity to make a point to the developers,” Sweeney says. “‘We want 10 times more power; here’s what we can do with it.’”

And that was merely for a souped-up version of Unreal 3. For Unreal 4, yet another quantum leap in hardware has to happen.

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RedDead2322d ago

Hy, what ever happened to that Epic game.... it looks like this game. A vid was a deathmatch area with mages and ****. Third person

catguykyou2321d ago

Wasn't from Epic. It used the Unreal 3 engine. I don't know what happened to it.

ATi_Elite2322d ago

Next Gen console games will pretty much look like BF3 PC and maybe even use more physics!

Meanwhile PC games will begin to heavily incorporate Ray Tracing.

ilikestuff2322d ago

i traced a ray once, it was pretty badass

NYC_Gamer2322d ago

That will benefit us all soon as consoles can support DX11 and its features......

Pain_Killer2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Those screenshots are definitely from PC since Epic themselves revealed that only NVIDIA's Kepler can (for now) power the Unreal Engine 4, There's no console out which can even run it while a single Kepler can produce an acceptable image quality at 1080P res compared to Fermi.

Modern day GPU's fully support Ray Tracing, DX11 Tessellation (Key feature of UE4 as seen from images), Per particle motion blur and what not? EPIC's own gift for NVIDIA users - PhysX. Undoubtly the most beastly PhysX SDK available to users and implemented in some great games.

F7U122322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Oh sweet jesus I can't wait for tech to hit the streets, bring on next-gen!


I think it might even surpass BF3 on the PC as consoles tend to optimize their code more efficiently for their hardware than PCs do.

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Orpheus2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

The thing with Epic is they will show off their engine ... wow everybody but eventually when they release a game on the PC someone else will have surpassed them in terms of graphics by then.

Far Cry / Doom 3 released soon after Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, blew them out of the water ....

Crysis shitted on both Gears of War / Unreal Tournament 2007

I think someone will surpass Epic in terms of graphics by the time they release any PC game........

And worse ... I dont think what Epic will offer wont be anything much better than Metro Last Light ..... or may be Crysis 2 also

ATi_Elite2322d ago

I don't expect Epic to deliver on the graphics front!

The PC game they have in the works right now is some really Lame Gears of War rip off, so lame that i forgot the title of it but it is F2P......that looks really lame graphically and gameplay wise.

being F2P is no excuse cause Tribes Ascend and Blacklight Retribution are F2p and both look and play AWESOME!! Especially BR with it's DX11 features. The upcoming F2P Crytek Warface title is another F2P game that will deliver great graphics and gameplay.

Epic are not know to deliver great graphics and are basically a MS first party studio although they will not admit it and have lost their touch to deliver good products outside of the Xbox realm.

Orpheus2322d ago

I hope this thing :

will obliterate consoles and let developers push the graphics/gameplay. Its weaker than a PC but still better than consoles and its power can grow with time ....

But it needs improvement and adoption .... I hope it will work for the good.

Pain_Killer2322d ago

Sure EPIC won't have some of the best games in town but their engine does delivers.

Take Batman: AC as an example. One of the most taxing DX11 in recent years, visuals are superb and compete head on head against CE3 though not equally good but still its quite an achievement what rocksteady study's did with UE3.

I play on max settings at 1080P (PhysX - High) and at some certain places the game reminds me of the Samaritian demo.

richierich2322d ago

In my opinion from looking at those screenshots I dont really see a huge leap from 360 and PS3 the only screenshot that has impressed me is those mountains but I cant really judge until I see a UE4 game in motion

MrMister2322d ago

I was gonna say the same. These graphics are great, but not that much better than current. Hopefully the additional RAM and better gpu will help us get more out of next gen (1080p, 60 fps, etc). But as far as games offering anything new: We'll have to wait for the actual controllers and any motion controls tech to see if we'll be playing more innovative games than the last generation's games.

catguykyou2321d ago

the pictures were updated with better ones from the video. Give it another look.

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