Call Of Duty - What we expect for Next Generation Consoles

Call of Duty has been a much loved game since the release of the first game in the series. Since then, players have become addicted and engrossed in storming the front lines of some of the most historical battles in history. Call of Duty is known for its nonstop action, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay, but gamers are demanding more of their favorite first person shooter. Call of Duty has developed a mass loyal following of gamers who seek the edge of your seat thrills that only this franchise can deliver.
What Gamers Are Demanding From the Next Call of Duty?

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NewYorkCityGamer2285d ago

with these improvements cod will be the greatest game ever created

h311rais3r2284d ago

I dont play cod because there HAVEN'T been any improvements. Here's hoping. Cod4 was great

Amazingmrbrock2284d ago

Seriously that's all stuff you should be expecting from the next installment of a series. All series, should improve or accomplish everything on that list every time a new game comes out.

On next gen consoles every shooting game should feature battlefield style destruction or better. It's next bloody generation if I can't bring down every wall in the city I'll be a bit disappointing to be honest.

GamingPerson2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I think it will have Bfbc2 graphics..

badz1492284d ago

the only thing you can hope for CoD on next gen consoles is higher resolution!

and all the fans will be like OMG!! CoD IN HD!!

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RedDead2284d ago

What to expect? Kz2 level graphics @ 60FPS.(Yes a game from this gen)

That's it, nothing else will change.

GraveLord2284d ago

Something changes with each release.
Pay closer attention.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

"Something changes with each release"

Yup, the new guy yelling at you..

Cpt. Price: Soap!!! Soap!! Soap!!

Don't remember lol

Soap: Roach!! Roach! ROACH!!!!!


Cpt. Price: Yuri!!! Yuri!! Yuri! Soap!! Soaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!

Black Ops: 2
______: _________!! _________!!! _____!!!

lol ON Topic: What Amazingmrbrock said.

cpayne932284d ago

Well we shouldn't need to "pay closer attention" we should be able to see the changes without a magnifying glass. In my opinion, the cod games haven't had enough changes to make it worth buying all of them. I own cod4 for the multiplayer, and blops for the zombies. If blops 2 is good enough I'll get rid of blops 1 and get blops 2. Someday I might get mw3 for the spec ops and survival modes. But it would have to be pretty cheap by then.

sriki0072284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

if activision aren't working hard making next gen engine and blow my mind with the next gen COD, i'll be very sad.
Till then i've had enough of cod, i'll be playing crysis 3 and battlefield 3 thank you very much.

Yangus2284d ago

-I want new engine MW4-Prequel Ghost?