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Today’s young shooter fans may not realize the influence Tribes has had on games like Halo. The high-flying, vehicle driving, team-based antics of Tribe’s original outings have a lot to do with the Halo we’re familiar with today. The Tribes series has been on hiatus since the last game released in 2004, but with Tribes: Ascend, it’s back to reclaim its throne – or at least sit alongside other competing first-person online shooters.

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OneAboveAll2255d ago

For an F2P game it's fun. Kinda miss the transport vehicles though.

ATi_Elite2255d ago

Great Graphics
Solid gameplay
Free 2 play

Tribes Ascend is friggin awesome and Hard! I love getting my SURF on down the hills and speed kills!!

A great shooter that is really the foundation for all things Halo and a great way to get away from the moldy ole Modern Warfare genre!!

Transport vehicles will be returning soon in a update!

LinkageAX2255d ago

I love this game, hoping they keep improving it!

spunnups2255d ago

any chance of a console release? The original Tribes on the PC is what got me hooked onto online multi, when was that...late 90s? I know one thing, i was connected via 56k modem LOL!

OneAboveAll2254d ago

They should release it on consoles. Tribes 2 on PS2 what great!