Sorcery waves its wand in new trailer


Sorcery waves its wand in new trailer for the PS Move game out next week.

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Enmson1502d ago

1 game is not enough, we need more move games -_-

GamerSciz1502d ago

True, but I have a feeling this may be a sleeper hit.

Nitrowolf21502d ago

I already beat it and let me tell you this title for what it's worth (440) is the best Move title on the market. The controls are awesome and the story is surprisingly good.

Titanz1502d ago

That's one heck of a magic stick.

Patriots_Pride1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Thats what she said gigidy

ChunkyLover531502d ago

Cant wait to get my copy, its been a long time coming actually. Had Sony pushed some Move only titles like this from the start, Move would be a real competitor in the motion controller competition.

Hope we start seeing more titles like this.