Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition PAL Release Date Revealed

When the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition was revealed last month, the May release date offered by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was considered to be international. This was certainly not the case however, as the publisher has revealed that gamers in PAL territories will have a much bigger wait on their hands.

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Yi-Long2315d ago

... is there any GOOD reason that EU gamers should wait so much longer for the GOTY!?

mathsman2315d ago

My GUESS is that the standard edition is still selling well. Most places it still sells for £25 and up (day one price was typically £35-£40).

Yi-Long2315d ago

... but you'd think a Batman game would sell just as well in the USA, where the character is much more popular!?

Double_Oh_Snap2315d ago

I'm in US but I agree, this pretty ridiculous.

aDDicteD2315d ago

more than 3 months after the US release... that's so long.

chanmasta2313d ago

Man, why can't they just put the damn date at the top of the article?