ZTGD | Game of Thrones Review

Ken McKown writes: Being such an avid fan of the Game of Thrones television adaptation, I was certainly excited to see a game set in the universe on consoles. I was at least hoping that strong narrative and interesting characters could carry the game, as we all know licensed titles are not always of the highest quality. Cyanide Studios has crafted such a story, and fans will enjoy the twists and turns of our characters’ fates, but what it is wrapped inside of is a hot mess of poor design and archaic presentation. With the quality that has been poured into other adaptations of the universe, Game of Thrones feels like a complete step backward, and more importantly, a rushed experience.

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Hellsvacancy2252d ago

Kind of what i expected, i wasnt even planning on renting it, its too grim, the books, the tv series and now the game by the looks of it, i love the world in which its set, it just too grim, i mean, followers of the tv series you wait and see how grim it gets next week, George R R Martin has got a sick mind