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Rampaged Death2316d ago

That huge special edition looks like one of the best for a long time.

RedSoakedSponge2316d ago


for the loot chest alone i would spend that cash! :P

antz11042316d ago

If thats a working loot chest its SOOOOOOOO worth the money!

SSKILLZ2316d ago

if i didn't we would all be screwed

scotchmouth2315d ago

I hope it has the elaborate opening sequence! :D

user54670072316d ago

"looks like one of the best for a long time."

I know right :D

You see that developers...THAT'S how you do a Collectors Edition (cough cough Halo 4)...not just fill it up with DLC codes

egidem2316d ago


I seriously can't wait for Borderlands 2! The first one was just too fun. The story line was OK and I liked the art direction the game uses to convey Pandora, all the creatures, elements, weapons and environments; plus it beautifully combines a FPS and an RPG in a beautiful package.

Damn...I can't count how many millions I've made from selling weapons, class mods, grenade mods, energy shields, rare weapons etc. The money does come in handy, especially when upgrading weapons and such, but nothing is more expensive than DYING. I remember being a level 35 hunter and accidentally fell into a ditch during battle - just like that $120,000 escaped my pocket.

AKS2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

A knucklehead friend thought that the right class mods would boost our party's powers enough to take on the General Knoxx DLC a bit early. We got stuck on a road flooded with extremely powerful enemies and couldn't keep all 4 alive long enough that it would allow us to leave the area. I don't think I want to know the total amount lost of cash I lost in that mess. Millions probably. Crawmerax could probably open a bank with the cash it stole from me.

Regardless, I still never seem to get tired of the game. Played the hell out of the PS3 and PC versions. The DLC is awesome. Can't wait for the sequel.

hay2315d ago

Losing 120k is not much, it's percentage of your current wealth, so the more you have, the more you lose.
On High end game each death could cost millions 'cause it's only the counter that freezes on 9999999, but you still acumulate mor money.
My personal best death toll was around 6m I think.

Nimblest-Assassin2315d ago

If that chest opens like it does in the game... Im sold

Also dual wield finger guns! Pew Pew!

LackTrue4K2315d ago

if this just opens, ill use it as a to store my underwear!!!

Ser2315d ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it does indeed open. I'm guessing that it's going to be like most other collector's editions and serve as the container for the other loot.

Pretty awesome idea.

showtimefolks2315d ago

already pre-ordered limited edition. This game will take me over 100hrs just to play the main game.

my most wanted game since borderlands took 200 plus hrs of my life

people this game is awesomeness and needs to be played

scotchmouth2315d ago

I can't imagine how many hours I spent in menus looking at stats and in vending machines. Let alone the main game!!! LOL

"It's like Christmas!!"

Christopher2315d ago

I will likely get at least the bobble head, more than likely the bigger one if that box is of reasonable quality. I have tons of swag that needs some gaming-relevant storage options.

scotchmouth2315d ago

That's my main question.... what kind of quality is that box. Love that Marcus bobble head!

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Der_Kommandant2316d ago

Best special edition ever...

bahabeast2316d ago

love the box art and cnt wait to play the game. ps3 b.a ftw

Halochampian2316d ago

Is it really necessary for you to put that last part in? You're like a child who has to keep telling everyone that his toy is better than theirs just so he feels good.

On Topic: Cant wait for the game. I will probably be getting the 4-pack on steam. Cuts down on the price and I should easily be able to get 3 friends to go in on it.

ddurand12316d ago

people passed over the comment for 6 hours until you pointed out the last part, was that really necessary? That adult that needs to play adult on the interwebs just so he feels good?

on topic: borderlands was great ill pick this up when it comes out. Id love to see them tack on a basic competitive multiplayer though.

Ser2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Get over it. Does it really bother you so that you have to address it? Regardless of his motives, you shouldn't let little things like that bother you.

I mean, your name is "Halochampian," but you don't see me going around insulting your goofy mispelling, whether it was intentional or not.

On topic: Definitely getting the $100 edition, but I'll have to think about getting the macdaddy edition...I already dropped $150 on the Guild Wars 2 CE pre-purchase...

Halochampian2315d ago

and yet my comment bothered you two.. it works both ways.

DJLB21152315d ago

dont hate on that boy. if he wants to stunt, let him. anyone w real gamerswag wouldnt have said that lol

ddurand12314d ago

it didnt bother anyone but you, that was the point.

if you hadnt pointed it out nobody would be having this useless converstation.

bahabeast2314d ago

yes i must remind everyone how the ps3 boxart plays soo good, ps3 cd cases are my all time favorite to play with this generation.

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TheModernKamikaze2316d ago


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