Rock Band Song Creator in the Works?

Gamedaily reports, in a new interview with, Harmonix's VP of Product Development Greg LoPiccolo was asked if a compiling program that would allow a band to convert its songs into playable Rock Band tracks might be conceivable. He answered, "It is conceivable, and would be awesome. We continue to talk about this possibility. I can't commit to such a thing at this point, but would love to tackle it if we could find a way."

Of course, the idea of transforming Rock Band into a user-generated platform (a la LittleBigPlanet) where players could create and share/play each other's music could be truly amazing and could possibly represent the next step in the evolution of this music game genre.

Later on in the interview he comments that the team is "working on improvements that are obviously missing from the current version of Rock Band, as well as some crazy stuff that no one will expect, but promises to kick ass."

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the worst3984d ago

run dmc king of rock
will be pumped loud

Cyrus3653984d ago

If they can make a create your song creator, imagine the possibilities, and if someone can get it custom fixed that it can work with any song out out.

Jdash243984d ago

every beatles song ever? YES PLEASE!

gogators3984d ago

please direct me as to where I can second that.

"Bang, Bang"

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer made sure she was dead"

EZCheez3984d ago

If that EVER happens, it would kill the downloadable content for the game, and in turn would kill A LOT of profits for Harmonix and EA. I don't want to be negative because that would be awesome, but I just don't see it ever happening.

If Harmonix ever released it, I would mail them a check of $50 out of sheer gratitude for making a game that I would probably play until I died (or until I couldn't press the kick pedal, whichever comes first).

Jdash243984d ago

i havent bought this game yet, but if this was announced, i would buy it in a heartbeat

Cyrus3653984d ago

100% agree'd, there'd have to be some sort of restriction, or some form of way they'd make money on it, like maybe you can only create 50 customs songs or something?

But if they did have that feature, they'd sell millions, cause everyone would want to buy something like that.

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