The Ultimate Max Payne Movie Cast List

GamingUnion: "Many of the Ultimate Movie Cast Lists we have done so far are of titles that haven't been made into movies yet, so for Max Payne we have some hurdles to jump over and some parts to re-cast. And with Max Payne 3 on the horizon, what better time to tackle this beast."

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JDouglasGU2284d ago

Not Mark Wahlberg... Josh Brolin as Max Payne, BAM!

mephman2283d ago

This would definitely be better than the actual movie.

Lord_Sloth2283d ago

I can only identify 3 people on that list. Cranston being 1 of them due to his awesome work on Breaking Bad.

Adexus2283d ago

This would be an awesome cast, and I never noticed how much Jon Hamm looked like Max.