Diablo 3: check your region before you start playing

VG247: Check which server your copy of Diablo III’s defaulted to before you get too engrossed in Diablo III. You may save yourself some pain.

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FlashXIII2226d ago

It's pretty sad that Blizzard didn't do something about this. I had a guy add me off the EU forums LF players section however he added me on the US servers which runs a separate friends list from the EU ones. When I explained that I was only on the US servers for when I play with my Canadian friends he was confused and after chatting for a bit turns out he forgot to change region and never realized.. he's now stuck with his main character on the US servers and no way of going back.

Grap2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I am Gonna Pirate ur sh!t NOW!.. Because of the DRM