Why Starhawk is great, and why you might want to wait

TVGB: "Not that Starhawk invites food-based metaphors, but it’s a game that has all the right ingredients for an utterly delicious recipe. The problem with this type of title, though, is that it needs some 32 chefs to cook it all to perfection."

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Akuma-2257d ago Show
Rhezin2257d ago

Maybe I should've waited I had the worst nightmare of those sniper lasers in the game coming through my windows and trying to find me. Game is fantastic but what a horrible nightmare...

Godmars2902257d ago

Snipers will always be there, so you'd have the nightmare regardless.

ThatIrishGamer2257d ago

For anyone thinking about buying this:

Unless you like Devs ALLOWING the enemy to sit in your spawn with tanks, robots, and cluster bombs from the sky killing you as you spawn : don't buy it.

faysal2257d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kinger89382257d ago

Be on a team that can defend and hold there own, ive had a similar situation but we pushed them back and its easily doable

shammgod2257d ago

The developers don't allow this, the fact that you suck at this game and your teammates don't know how to defend....that's what allows this. Stay at home and defend your base fool!

FunAndGun2257d ago

don't you have access to tanks, robots, and cluster bombs?

Get in the air!

If you are allowing your team to get base raped then the other team is better then you.

TDM is for "near brain dead retards", play some Zones!

BabyTownFrolics2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

something should be done about the spawn camping

otherwise its a great game

its hard to defend your base and build anything when from the moment you fall from the sky multiple tanks are sitting in your base hammering away at you

I love zones and ctf, dm and tdm not so much

Dropdeadll2257d ago

The only way to stop it is if you play in a party with good players otherwise your going to get stuck with noobs and get spawn killed often.

S_C2257d ago

You must be shocking at the game, you've got everything you need to counter act the spawn killing as a team

Kamikaze1352257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

That's kind of why I don't want to buy it. I LOVE Warhawk, but I'm a noob (yes, I admit it) and don't want to play a game with so many campers. Well....I actually DID buy it, but it's still sealed and I'm taking it back for a refund.

faysal2257d ago

dude you have to play it to see how amazing this game is.. there is no camper on this game.. thing about people here is theyre shit and still doesnt know that if some one is in ur base with tank or what ever you can just spawn on top of them which will kill/blow them up :)

Afirmitive2257d ago

This game is not a one man's army (COD) you actually need a team to succeed. If you're out numbered and don't know what to do it's because you don't have support. You could build respawn pods outside of your base when you gather just a little rift energy. Grab a vehicle and get out of there, I've done it and it works just fine.

faysal2257d ago

mate you are mind dead retard cz every one who played this game knows about it and its been there since the beta.. we who knows how to play this game have no problem cz we use our brain to get around it.. you on the other hand is a noob who is still getting the hang of it and probably never used your brain yet.

ddurand12254d ago

or you could sneak around, spawn an outpost and completely change the battlefield.

instead ofbeing a crying baby you could also put up a shield

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the worst2257d ago

warhawk is a better game

vividi2257d ago

why starhawk is great, and why you might not want to wait,

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