Rare hiring for "multiple AAA future console releases"

Eurogamer writes: Following yesterday's revelation that Fable studio Lionhead is making an "MMO-like" RPG for the next Xbox, it has now emerged that Kinect Sports developer Rare is working on a raft of Durango games.

Rare is hiring for "multiple" triple-A games for the next Xbox, according to a job ad.

The job spec (spotted by Superannuation), calls for a senior product manager to help create "multiple AAA future console releases".

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DiRtY2316d ago

Microsoft Studios are hiring like crazy these days.
So many new studios and expanding the existing ones.

Patriots_Pride2316d ago

Proof that the next gen is closer than we think.

I am really excited about this becuase after 6 years of playing my 360 and PS3 the games this gen dont make me jizz anymore.

I want to experiance that seem feeling that I had when I first poped in Gears of War, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, Saints Row 1....

SuperLupe2316d ago

Seems like MS have completely shifted focus on the 720 for core experiences while turning the 360 into the casual box.

Afterlife2316d ago

It better not be a Kinect FPS.

LightofDarkness2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if we never see another Kinect related product again after this gen. The casual gamer no longer games on set top consoles, they have moved on to smart phones. You can be sure that MS and Nintendo both know this and will push hard to keep their "hardcore" fan-base and sway new comers. The new consoles NEED hardcore fans at launch, because they're the ones willing to pay the usually high entrance fee to play right away. They're its life blood, especially in the early days.

Kinect was a one-off cash-in, that went astoundingly well for them, and won't ever be able to work again. Consumers already have Kinect/Wii, they likely never use it anymore like so many others, and will not be keen to buy a similar product again. MS may try to trot out another similar device, but they will not push nearly as hard.

glennco2315d ago

i wish you were right but i seriously doubt they will shift focus when kinect proved so popular (the hardware not the software haha).

i think kinect 2 will be what they promised kinect 1 would be and could be quite good. the casual market far outweighs the core market and won't be ignored by MS or Sony. there is too much money to be made. plus games consoles are no longer just for games. i really do hope i am wrong though.

plus casual gamers still buy consoles to play CoD.

sriki0072316d ago

2013 is gonna be an exciting year :)

jay22316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Rare haven't made AAA games since M$ brought them, and never will....... UNLESS they leave M%

coolbeans2316d ago

Whenever job postings mention the term "AAA" it's in regards to the proposed budget. It's a hiring tactic to woo those with more prestigious backgrounds, whether it's art/game design, director, etc., by essentially stating the job will pay fairly handsomely.

Morgue2315d ago

AAA on N4G stands for Argue About Anything.

Perjoss2316d ago

This is a good guess seeing as how fighters have made a decent comeback lately.

Patriots_Pride2316d ago

KI = Day one buy for me

I am not sure why MS has not done anything with this IP as yet, I mean look at games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter who9 are making millions.

Morgue2315d ago

1. Either they don't care.
2. It's being done and will be shown at E3 and all the Kinect press is smoke and mirrors for what's really gonna happen.

Then in typical N4G style. Everyone who's been hating on Rare will love them and the PS3 is a joke and has no games.

Odds of Killer Instinct 3 happening.... 1,000,000,000.1

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The story is too old to be commented.