IGN : Warhawk - Operation: Omega Dawn Review!

IGN Review: Last August, PS3 owners were invited to leap into a digitally downloaded or Blu-ray disc cockpit and fly into battle with Warhawk, Incog Inc.'s multiplayer-only war zone. The battles were epic and fast-paced, and the wreckage of blasted gliders and blown up tanks littered the battlefield. But while some players were climbing up the ranks and others were simply becoming fodder for their gun sights, Incog was quietly working away at system updates and their first expansion pack for the title. The result was Warhawk – Operation Omega Dawn, which offers a stronger play experience, a brand new map, and a new vehicle that changes the tactics on the battlefield significantly.

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Relcom3962d ago

I can't go on IGN at work its blocked

Jdash243962d ago

8.0 Presentation
Omega Dawn icons and color coded symbols help players discern which maps and kind of content they'll be battling across.

8.5 Graphics
There aren't any significant improvements over the original title, although Omega Factory is pretty cool to look at and fight across with its industrial theme.

8.0 Sound
Dropships sound like the ships from the Matrix, and their noise is a great way to help balance the firepower of the craft.

8.0 Gameplay
While there's not a massive leap of additional elements, the Dropship adds a new tactical spin, particularly to Zones and CTF play that Warhawk never had before.

8.0 Lasting Appeal
One significantly new map and adjustments to pre-existing maps may seem tame. However, Omega Dawn builds the framework for updates to come and re-invents the original game.

(out of 10 / not an average)

Relcom3962d ago

Thank you Jdash, bubbles

sonarus3962d ago

omega dawn is easily a must buy for warhawk fans. Warhawk imo is a must buy for ps3 fans who are into online shooters of any sort. The omega factory is easily the best lookin map been really busy lately so havent been able to play games as much as i used to but the few times i have played there i really enjoyed it. If your a warhawk fan buy it wnt regret it and if you have a ps3 and havnt gone for warhawk i recommend you buy it if you are into any type of shooter whatsoever takes a while to get used to but it is still one of the best online games on ps3. CTF is the best mode in my opinion the chase after you have the flag to get it back to your base since you can't fly back with it is crazy.

neogeo3961d ago

And yes I PWWN at the drop ship. I have alot of practice and can keep the drop shop flying for ten minuets at a time without getting shot down.
Only problem is you need a good team. If you fly alone you will get blown out of the sky in no time. I'm still looking for a clan of serious gamers that know how to work well as a team. tonight I was getting pwwwned so bad because I was playing with a horrible team that everybody wanted to do there own thing. We are not super hero's and you will be destroyed if you don't get help from your buds.

add me if you want to join a clan or invited me to your clan.

gamesR4fun3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

wth read the review makes no sense?!

"on whether its in hover or flight mode. In flight, the Dropship can use its six swarm missile turrets to eliminate airborne hazards, while in hover mode it can deploy six auto-cannons to quickly chew through ground defenses, soldiers and vehicles'

doh your passengers can shoot their swarms no matter what mode your in but there both hover modes... Combat mode puts out the additional side cannons but you move slower.
Its not that tough either 1 AA and a TOW maybe a wee bit o mg for luck ;) Not to mention the best thing about the expansion is the new map its freaking mind blowing.
Anyways read enough losers write what their told to eh.
Too bad tho they missed out on the greatest online game ever made

nanometric3961d ago

But I can't buy it ;(

/runs away crying like a little sissy girl/

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Clinton5143962d ago

What I can't stand is the obnoxious kiddy players in the rooms from time to time. There's always an asshole who wants to fly off solo in a dropship. How in the hell will you man the turrets flying solo?!

DJ3962d ago

I hope the next map pack is a lot bigger, i.e. 3~4 levels. Hopefully Warhawk 2 is even more epic, and has more players. Resistance 2 is already offering 60-players matches, so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed.

Clinton5143962d ago

Indeed. It was a bit pricey for what we got but luckly I'm enjoying it. Hehe

Maddens Raiders3962d ago

was available, as I'll do with all future WarHawk content.


the mods i ut3 work awsum,i hope they start using them in the hawk to.DROP SHIP 4 LIFE,ONLINE MADNESS!!!

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