The Pain of Max Payne 3

Zach, admin guy of TheGamersHub, jumps into the writer's seat to convey just how Rockstar failed to capture almost everything Max Payne stood for in the past.

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NYC_Gamer2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

It's a good third person action game... MP3 doesn't have the original vibe that most of us expect from Max Payne games...I guess it's due to R* taking over the duties.. Remedy style of story telling best fits the MP franchises..

ShadyDevil2322d ago

I think it is still a great game, but yes as they mention. It is barely like the original. It is not as 'dark' or gloomy feeling. However, the story still draws you in.

Alcohog2322d ago

It's good, but I agree...I'm going to pick up the PC version still though. I miss that precision, MP doesn't really translate well to controllers. It will be much more fun.

Shadonic2322d ago

while pc dose have precision it actually does work pretty well with controllers it just takes a little more work to get the perfect shot you also have to make sure that the weapon you have is more suited for what situation your in like if you have dual wield pistols its obviously not going to make it all the way across the map so it wont. All in all its an amazing game, sure it didn't keep to the old max Payne dark feel but i still see and feel that this is max Payne and he is still hurting from what happened in the first game. people should honesty stop thinking of the past games and start thinking of the past and focus on how great the game is instead of saying it sucks because its different from the originals, that's a really dumb way to look at it :(

easthastings2322d ago

I disagree, though a major departure visually in some cases, it still carries a very strong neo-noir aesthetic and story like the previous titles. Neo-noir borrows elements from the old noir films dating back to the 40s and 50s, meaning neither of the previous two titles were traditional "classic" noir. Take the movies Bladerunner and Drive as examples of neo-noir, and their direction might make some sense. With that said, the environment has far less to do with the story's sense of despair and other highlighted motifs in the game. The story, characters, and visual delivery all play into what the Max Payne instalments are about. The eternal snowstorm would have been a nice nod, I agree, and I am not denying what it added to the first two games. However, you still have grit, you have neo-noir, you have corruption... anyways, thats why I think this article misses the point by a fair amount. Think it is safe to say eternal snow storms don't send games back to the drawing board.

kevnb2322d ago

what I'm excited for is too see if they use the actual good shooting mechanics in gtaV.

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