New Info about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal

Sony today released some additional infos about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal, including game modes, online and more.

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ZeroX98762012d ago

tournaments are going to be nice!

supremacy2012d ago

Okay, so the game has some depth to it. Thats good news for those looking forward to this game.

ReconHope2012d ago

More characters please.

AKissFromDaddy2012d ago

I hope there is a replay channel too.

smashcrashbash2012d ago

'Furthermore, Sony confirmed now confirmed different single player modes, a training and Challenge Mode, and an arcade mode where you play for prizes. Online, there will be tournaments, special custom battles and fights type, which are daily re-defined by Superbot. Their own rules are possible'.

Just what I wanted to hear. It just shows this isn't just a cheap copy like everyone is trying to make it seem. It has depth too. Challenge and Training mode AND tournaments and custom battle? Hell yeah!!!!