Devil May Cry 4 - The First Level of Gameplay

Gameplayer has gone live with a description of how the first level of Devil May Cry 4 plays out ahead of their upcoming review of this highly anticipated release.

"You'd think that Devil May Cry 4 would ease you into the action. Maybe throw a few lightweight trainee demons into the first level, first-day-on-the-job types, to act as hapless fodder for your gun and blade. Y'know, to give you a chance to get a feel for it. That would be wishful thinking. Instead, DMC4 opens with a boss battle."

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Neurotoxin3988d ago

What i want to know is why the game is £10 cheaper on the 360, are retailing it for £29.99. Game are retailing it for £34.99, with the PS3 £39.99 and £44.99 respectively.

Both are for the Special Edition, so why £10 pound more! (or less depending on your platform of choice) that would buy me 24 tinnys or a bottle of vodka. I feel let down and cheated, much like when i went and saw Transformers or Star Wars recent incarnation at the cinema.

Obi-wan - " The council has granted me permission to train you, you will be a.........."

Anakin - " Shut Up Fatty, I`m off to claim at the jobby center, get me a blade and sniff some glue "

..... and thats what would happen if george lucas was english, never mind that other Cack he came up with.

UnblessedSoul3988d ago

the limited edition and normal edition are both 39.99 for the ps3 version so I know one what I will be getting

Mercutio3988d ago

They won't even give us a demo, so WTF

picker3323988d ago

Again i see Dante have his sword on his back,in the air...Can someone explain how it stuck there!