FIFA boss chats new features, the brilliance of Messi, and diving writes, "EA has finally unveiled FIFA 13, and at a recent press event, we caught up with lead producer David Rutter. Amongst the discussion of new gameplay features, the brilliance of Messi, and the consideration of diving, EA's very own Sepp Blatter revealed he favours change far more than FIFA's mind boggling figurehead."

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sriki0072282d ago

fifa 11 had almost the same graphics of fifa 12. But fifa 12 sold a lot more.
Therefore gameplay>graphics.
Of course graphics is important, but the game should be fun to play.

Rusco872282d ago

This might be a little off topic, but I would like to see games like this bundled like triple or double play films.

For instance buying FIFA 13 on ps3 could come bundled with FIFA 13 for vita with all it's cross play features.

This could add features like playing pro clubs via vita with your friends on ps3 against other vita and ps3 clubs.

So instead of a £39.99 ps3 game you could get both for around £54.99. Just a thought. Even though FIFA on the vita at the moment is around the same price as the ps3 counter part.

Nakerman2282d ago

Unfortunately, EA knows both the PS3 and Vita versions will sell, so they'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that.