Why We’re both Excited and Scared to Death of Halo 4

AttackoftheFanboy writes: "It’s been nearly a year since the startling announcement that the most beloved console FPS franchise of our time would be returning for not one, but three fully-fledged sequels. As yet another E3 draws closer, we’re now just weeks away from seeing Halo 4 up close and personal."

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hennessey862318d ago

this could be the best Halo game ever, 343i have a point to prove to all the doubters who think they are going to mess it up. Bungie kind of went into a comfort zone with Halo.

glennco2318d ago

halo got old for me but i have great memories of the early ones. i am watching the progress of this one in the hope they freshen the franchise up. IMO it suffers the same issues as CoD, it hasn't really evolved enough to keep me interested. i understand why, it is sort of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario with a game that has such a huge passionate fanbase.

A7XEric2317d ago

Move the "Joining in progress games" to the scared list and I would agree 100%

armygoop12312d ago

Cant Wait. I pre-ordered The Limited Edition And im going to the launch. Giving the launch one to a friend