New Black Ops 2 trailer to air during Champions League final

Latest Call of Duty to provide half-time entertainment

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wAnxTa2254d ago

And when is the "Champions League Final"?

Play2Win2254d ago

Saturday @ 20:45 eropean time zone. Bayern Munich vs Chelsea London. Please make the dream come blue Chelsea

TheLyonKing2254d ago

I so hope Chelsea fail, Bayern are the better team anyway.

Look forward to seeing this trailer :)

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sriki0072254d ago

people who watch UCL finals dont fall for marketing schemes like this. They have brains!!!! Piss off activision..

Play2Win2254d ago

Thats true! I watch football and dont give a sh!! for the next call of noobs

LightSamus2254d ago

Not sure if serious. without meaning to generalise, a lot of CoD players I know are also avid football fans. So showing an advert for CoD during the biggest football match in Europe is fantastic marketing.

Mikefizzled2254d ago

Exactly Gears of War 3 did it last year and that turned out to be a huge success

TheDareDevil2254d ago

I guess this is UK/Europe only?

Go Bayern!

TekoIie2254d ago

It'll be uploaded to this site within minutes of being revealed and is guaranteed to be the top story so i will just wait for it to show up here.

£10er says that most the comments are trolls :3

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