Grim Dawn passes $400k + New melee combat video!

Arthur: "I think congratulations are in order for everyone! We now have 5 stretch goals under our figurative belts and now at $400k you get to help us select a new environment type to add to the game!

Now too far away we get 2 new monster types and then a big one just a little beyond that at $25, which provides 3, uniquely themed, end-game dungeons!

Anything is possible in these last two days. I know people are very eager for two-handed weapons, an additional end-game boss and, the big one, a new survivor town hidden somewhere in the wilderness! While the latter goals are still distant, other kickstarters have pulled down far more in their final days, so it isn't totally out of the realm of reality."

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AltairvsEzio2282d ago

the gameplay looks awesome... cant wait for this one

Letros2282d ago

Yea it looks to be sticking to the TQ roots, which is great.

Whatsupdog2282d ago

Yep, plus the rewards chart has some pretty sweet stuff for pledges.

GamingPerson2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )


CLOUD19832282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Nice cant w8 to try this one :)