Once Disassembled now Reassembled

The Avengers, one of Marvel Comics’ most endearing titles, has been and is huge, and the recent release of the Avengers feature-length film hasn’t done anything in killing the fires which has fueled the franchise towards its success.

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Gigawatt252317d ago

This p.o.s. is going to fail big time and will be a disgrace to the Avengers name.

archemides5182317d ago

damn disney, this casual garbage will still sell a million just because it has "avengers" written on it. everyone knows this is gonna be a mini-game collection: thor whack-a-mole, iron man quick draw, captain america frisbee. and let's not forget hulk "hulk out" dance-off

madjedi2317d ago

Kinect makes me think of on rails, no gameplay shown or specifics about the game even discussed, then why bother mentioning it. Sounds like a casuals mc game with the avengers name slapped on it, if it isn't a ultimate alliance type game not interested.