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"Today, Sony and Naughty Dog showed off the first gameplay for their upcoming survival action game, The Last of Us. The demo played out after the cutscene Naughty Dog released this morning. It was a short look at the cross-country journey of middle-aged Joel and teenage Ellie in a decimated world some 20 years in the future, but it gave us a solid idea of what we can expect. And I'm expecting really good things after seeing this."

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DigitalAnalog2323d ago

"A few of the attackers push a bus down a hill, plowing it directly into Joel's truck. After the crash, ambushers pull Ellie and Joel out of the truck and begin beating them up. Joel fights back and acquires a gun, at which point the cutscene transitions seamlessly into a gunfight. "


Machioto2322d ago

We don't know how much cut scene to gameplay changes.

Machioto2322d ago

Is there something wrong in what I said?because the way digital wrote his/her comment seems like he or she is trying to prove something or trolling.

Chitown712912322d ago

@Machioto: Dude.................seaaaammm mlesssssllllyyyy..........

DigitalAnalog2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

You are chasing a wild goose if you're looking for a troll post in my comment. Whole point of my post is that there was a contention regarding the graphics of the trailer, this article re-affirms (according to the source) the fact that this NOT the in-engine cutscene so many are trying to justify.

It's not the first time they did it, if you played Uncharted 2 you'll notice the cutscene after drake & co. escapes the crashing building. Or the train box that rolled over after Drake shoots it with an RPG - THAT is the "seemless" transition this article is talking about.

Machioto2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Okay then,fair enough explanation also, I wasn't looking for a troll post,it's just your comment seem to have a tone that made sound like there was a double meaning to it.

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Kingdom Come2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

As much as I love Naughty Dog and their games, I can never trust their released footage for games. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be purchasing the game day one, and I have no doubt in my mind that the game'll look absolutely stunning, but what I do doubt is the reliability of the trailers and that they reflect the final product.

Regardless, I can't wait for the E3 Demonstration!

TheBigShamona2322d ago

I call bullshit on those bus screens, actually play the game and you would know too.

Chitown712912322d ago

The parts with Drake and Elena are two totally different scenes...... The one thats labeled "E3 Build" is at the end of the game......notice the different stuff Drake has on? (Ammunition and a scarf)....... And with the bus, the only noticeable difference is the lighting..........Sooooooo???? Don't know the point of that article. Hell go play the game and look at the desert scene.......imo it looked better when I played than it did on the trailer......and the ocean sequence ......MY GOD , nothing has been done like that on sorry....

Angels37852322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

You are a troll and you say this in any article about uncharted. If you actually played the game you would know that one screenshot was from a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT scene (one from the ending and one from roughly the middle) the other shot the only difference was the lighting and a bit more dust in the bus than before (confirmed by naughty dog). Simply put....look at the faces and you'll see they are exactly the same. Having played uncharted 3 since the beta......its improved graphically and ND did not once show something that was bullshotted, everything shown from e3 on was in the game at one point. I played the bus scene it DID look like that...

pandaboy2322d ago

This is how far the fanboy termites have dug into this site. Kingdom Come makes a perfectly rational comment and is attacked with straw man fallacies ignoring the graphical difference claiming the reason being different scenes.

Yeah right, so the graphics got drastically worse between scenes, who are you people trying to kid... I too noticed naughty dog's use of bullshots in hyping their game. There is no doubt the last of us will look great, but credulity is not an admirable trait guys. Uncharted 3 looked nowhere near as good as claimed by sony and naughty dog.

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Christopher2322d ago

Confirmed, Dale North vibrates.

Also confirmed, The Last of Us has some very strong potential to be the survivor game many of us have been looking for in this generation.

CaptainSheep2323d ago

Words cannot describe how much I'm excited for this game... after reading this, it just got multiplied by 100. :P

Double_Oh_Snap2323d ago

Very similar to uncharted, if you don't own a ps3 you must buy one just to play this game. I can't wait for E3.

DigitalAnalog2322d ago

According to the preview, the only "similarities" are the interfaces. Meaning we may get the the button "prompts" we see in Uncharted. Gameplay on the other hand is far from Uncharted.

M1chl2322d ago

Can't wait : ) I am not fan of Uncharted so I hope, that is going to be different with much less shooting. But right now, this is my most anticipated game : )

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