Buy Diablo III, Get a Sex Toy

Absoloo; a French sex shop, toy, and lingerie company; is offering a free sex toy to women who can prove that their spouse bought a copy of Diablo III.

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rajman2320d ago

lol theres a dude who posted a pic of himself holding the game

Afterlife2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

No, only one. Check again.

Afterlife2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Never-mind. There's a few now...

But I did think was a guy.

Spydiggity2319d ago

Post an article with a picture of a chic, Get a "hottest" article.

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Nimblest-Assassin2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

dafuq did I just see and read?

I mean, are you really that absorbed in Diablo 3, that you ignore your girlfriend?

Come on, really?

Hellsvacancy2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

If my missis wanted a dildo id buy her one, she dont though, shes got me, most of the time

Edit: lol, i just asked her if she wanted one, she just smiled at me, seems like im not the stud i was once

Da One2320d ago

It's not that, know she's just teasing you.

killerhog2320d ago

99% of the guys who are this addicted to games, do not even have a gf so this little publicity stunt is dumb. If anything, they'll probably be giving dildos to women who are addicted to d3 therefore do not have a bf. That makes more sense.

calibann2320d ago

@killerhog No, no it does not.

killerhog2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

How does it not make sense? You cannot be a widow if you do not have a bf or husband to begin with. Girls who are addicted to games more than likely do not have bfs, therefore will just post a pic of themselves with their own game for a dildo. Guys who are addicted to games are even less likely to have a gf I'm talking 99% chance they don't. So this publicity stunt is not about guys leaving their gfs/wifes but targeting a new market of lonely gamer girls.

They can't just go, "if you're a loser lonely girl who plays games buy our dildos, or better yet prove how lonely you are and post a pic of you and your game and get one free"

Well they changed the tittle or the article was edited but I believe the "widow" is no longer being used. Still my point is valid. I play games as a hobby but I won't shun my gf for it. This is definitely just targeting what they believe are "lonely gamer girls"

I know some of you will say, "maybe it's a guy who is addicted to games and has a gf who's also addicted to games?", but then that also means neither are having sex, therefore still targeting "lonely gamer girls". Cause I really doubt anyone with a gf or wife will shun them for a game.

Cause trust me, you'll find a work-around. Get a bj from her while you're leveling up your characters. Let her play cowgirl while a cutscene/cinema is playing. Have her dress up like the witch but sexier (some cosplaying) and when you aren't playing d3 you'll hae fun with your witch real life.

Hayabusa 1172320d ago


lol, you don't know much about life in general do you? Most girls that are addicted to games have BFs. Fact. They are girls, into games, there are a ton of boys chasing them (regardless of how fat or ugly they are, they still have a vigina). And if they're into games, they typically want social approval, and what better way of finding approval then having a partner.

Most gamer chics I know are in long/medium term relationships, and when they are single, they don't stay that way for very long.

Kevin ButIer2319d ago

It's a FREE sex toy, come on guys no need of a complex judgement here... get one and have fun

Nimblest-Assassin2319d ago

But Kevin... we have the move...

Lol just joking

AKS2319d ago


Maybe some of them aren't "addicted" to games. Maybe they just enjoy playing them during their free time. You know, like a hobby or something.

DeadlyFire2319d ago

I don't know. If this many gals are in need. I should be living in France.

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calibann2320d ago

Do we get a fleshlight when Sims 4 comes out?

guitarded772320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

The Fleshlight was invented in Austin, Texas... it's one of our state's proudest achievements.

On Topic: The store is just jumping on the free publicity wagon... nothing wrong with that. I find it most amusing that so many people on here are scared/insecure of their woman having an after-hours party machine. Grow up kiddies... your bedroom skills are crap if you're not willing to get a little freaky, and she'll end up leaving you because you're boring!!!

soundslike2320d ago


Winner of the internet on 5/17/12 goes to CALIBANN!

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MAJ0R2320d ago

What is this I don't even...

LightofDarkness2320d ago

This, America, is why France is necessary.

rdgneoz32320d ago

Good thing they have this now. Before it was just because of French bread.

scotchmouth2320d ago

Disagree. It's entirely possible to fulfill your wife and your craving for video games.

LightofDarkness2320d ago

Not really what I was getting at...

scotchmouth2320d ago

I'll be honest. I am not sure what you were getting at.

CaitSith2319d ago

I'll explain it.

France is generally known to be Europe's country of love, meaning they like to get it on and populate earth.

mynameisEvil2320d ago

So... outside of Fries, the reason we should like France is because of free dildos?

Seems legit.

Also, reaaalllyy? Wh- Just... why? WHY?! What is the purpose of this? The game came out two days ago, no less, how is that an appropriate amount of time to decide that your boyfriend thinks more of the game than you? I haven't been constantly caressing my girlfriend for three days because I've been getting into Fallen Earth with a buddy of mine. She hasn-

Wait... she hasn't gotten a dildo... has she? FFFUUUUU-

ChiVoLok02319d ago

You do know french fries aren't from France, right? I know it's dumb but just pointing it out.

mynameisEvil2319d ago

@ ChiVoLok0
I know. 'Tis a joke. Amazing how people take things to seriously.