These video game sequels need to be retired

The San Francisco Chronicle
Peter Hartlaub
Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't listen to the politicians, anti-game activists and the bulk of mainstream media, which will have you believe that sex, violence and other controversies are the most important issues in the video game industry. The No. 1 problem plaguing games right now is the lack of creativity.

While a popular movie franchise such as "Die Hard" or "Raiders of the Lost Ark" might generate two or three sequels in a 25-year period, video game series such as Tom Clancy or Winning Eleven soccer have a more Sisyphusian schedule, with sequels that come out at least once per year.

Listed are seven video game franchises that need to die. Many were great once and deserve an honorable death. For the record, though, Spyro the Dragon needed to be thrown into a wood chipper from day one.

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PS360WII3935d ago

Sorry this list fails due to Mario in it. If the each new Mario didn't get mainly 10/10, GOTY titles, and sells considerably well, along with being on many to buy lists then there is no need to stop. If Mario was getting 4's or 5's and barely broke a million sales... well then maybe it would be time to retire.

wiizy3934d ago

those clowns.. even sonic shouldnt be in it. let alone mario.. those games are blockbusters and part of history..

Skerj3934d ago

Truth be told, if it weren't for the games on DS then Sonic very well deserves to be there. Sonic Team has seemingly lost their touch after SA2. I want the RPG from Bioware though, it looks freaking sweet.

Ureval3934d ago

This is a terrible list. Obviously this guy had to write an article and pulled one out of his buttcrack. I would have agreed with Tomb Raider after Angel of Darkness but Legend and Anniversary peaked my interest and Underworld looks like it might shape up to be a great game.

And yeah, his addition of Mario automatically removes any credibility from the this article and its author.

Baba19063934d ago

haha you wish. that would be horrible. but funny comment.

Cryxen3934d ago

Screw super mario gay man love kart smash olympics.

At least do something knew instead of rehashing old stuff, even mario galaxy was an amalgamation of other older games, upgraded to SD.

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The story is too old to be commented.