Oops our bad! Real money Auction House bumped past 5/22/12 release for Diablo III

Looks like Diablo III will disappoint again. Blizzard states it will delay "beyond" the date of 5/22...meaning more uncertain delays. Wasn’t the launch the time to iron out those problems, not just convince diehards that not much has changed for D3?

Blizzard sends apologies, but what about something tangible for our trouble . The excitement has soured after it built for 12 years to just stare at an error screen as to “fan’s enthusiasm.” Boo’d.

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kostchtchie_2104d ago

there are plenty of games out there that still offer the d2 style gameplay, blizzard dropped the ball with this game big time

Summons752104d ago

yeah heaven forbid a developer makes a game better than the previous...

kostchtchie_2104d ago

better? haha, keep telling yourself that

chaos-lockheart2104d ago

will people really use real money with this

Christopher2104d ago

Sadly... yes, they will. Far be it for me to criticize others on how they spend their money, I will say I just don't understand it in this regard. Though, on the flip side, some gamers will be making money by playing the game. Blizzard will make money just for making it possible.

richierich2104d ago

I initally thought the Auction House was a cool idea until I read that you have to pay a listing fee even if your virtual item doesnt sell. Thats practially the same as gambling

DyannCallahan2100d ago

They get ya coming AND going - like Ebay and Paypal !