The Last of Us Sure as Hell Isn't Uncharted - IGN

Greg writes: "It starts right after the ambush cutscene. In the smoking and totaled truck, Ellie tells Joel she's OK, and the passenger door flies open. A crazed attacker is on the young girl -- groping, grabbing and pulling. Ellie's clawing and screaming, Joel reaches for her, and another attacker throws open the driver's door and yanks Joel out. They tussle through a pane of glass, and the attacker holds Joel's head above a triangular piece of shattered weaponry."

CaptainSheep1444d ago

But it sure as hell will be mind-blowing like Uncharted.

F7U121444d ago

"filled with scavenging for bullets, a segmented health bar, and other humans being a larger threat than any monster -- it's working in a way Uncharted never did."

It kind of sounds like DayZ mod, which is one of the best zombie mods ever created...can't wait ND bring it on.

Darth Stewie1444d ago

Sounds like a GOTY contender for 2012 or 2013.

Mystickay861444d ago

I hope it comes out in late 2012. Graphics are incredible

59fifty1444d ago

Hopefully there's some sort of survival mode for replay value. Imagine barricading yourself or just run for your life and survive! :)

Fylus1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Sorry for the late reply, by I totally agree. I'm getting a little tired of all these games with a "horde mode" where you just run around and kill until you die. It would be so cool if you could actually barricade yourself, as you said, and actually survive monster attacks and such.

Either way, I cannot wait for this game!

F7U121444d ago

O.O I like your profile pic, I mean I really like it.

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