South Park delayed as THQ aims to offload Devil’s Third

South Park players may have to wait a great deal longer for a new title as the company supplying Devil’s Third engine has gone out of business.

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Sharodan2200d ago

Unfortunate about that other company that was providing the engine for Devil's Third.

Pintheshadows2200d ago

THQ really are struggling aren't they. I'd blame Homefront personally for the sheer amount odf money they poured into an absolute dog.

falcon2622200d ago

I thought homefront was a gamble worth trying. It was nice to see a military game take on a narrative not connected to the middle east. the udraw was their major undoing. Over 150 million dollars developing essentially a ech~a~ sketch.

Pintheshadows2199d ago

Ouch, I didn't realise how much they'd sunk into that.

And whilst Homefront may of shown promise, it's a shame THQ didn't pour the money they spent advertising it into the games development.

guitarded772200d ago

Damn... THQ is in a mess right now. Hope they get it all worked out. Looks like they're doing everything possible to turn the company around.

Diver2200d ago

somebody worthwhile please snatch up the warmammer license cause that is on thq is on the cheap and they are screwing up the new game already.

Pintheshadows2199d ago

I hope Vigil survive as I have a friend that works for them. Last time we spoke he told me that THQ had said "you know that MMO you've been working on? Well we want it changed to a singleplayer game but can you figure somekind of multiplayer, K thanx, bye."

sackb0y2200d ago

screw u guys... im going home. Homefront that is