Uncharted dev: "..a lot more in store for the PlayStation 3"

Uncharted Drake's Fortune developer: " we're finishing Uncharted, we've found new ways of optimizing our engine to take advantage of the hardware. All of which means that, as beautiful as our game is, there is a lot more in store for the PlayStation 3."

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Rice3987d ago

DOG, i can't wait for what the future holds for the PS3 and the cell.

mikeslemonade3986d ago

The next Uncharted needs online gameplay. That's the main reason why the sales have been lackluster.

sonarus3986d ago

its not the only reason i don't think they did a good enough job advertising. However online play def couldnt hurt

Statix3986d ago

Not so much online gameplay, as much as the game could've been longer. About 12 hours instead of 8 hours would've made the $60 price tag a lot easier to swallow.

ravinash3986d ago

Uncharted is a great Single player game.
I think that it'll take away from the game if you try to make it multi player. Not every game needs to do that...there are plenty of game to play on line now.
Its best to stay focused on the single player game and have a great story and yes, make it last 12 hours please.

Lifendz3986d ago

I'm so loving my PS3 it's not even funny. I mean, I've never been so proud of myself for choosing one console over another. Between my upgraded HDD, my ability to choose themes, the blu-ray, the exclusives coming, and the power that devs are now starting to realize, I couldn't be more excited for what's to come.

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tethered3987d ago

I can.

More diverse game play would be great.
By that I mean more of the jeep and waverunner type game play.

Thats the only bit(h I have with the game.

I still give it a 97 out of 100 though.

Chubear3986d ago

Haha! Xd When Uncharted III comes out like in 2012, you'll look back on the likes of Uncharted:DF and say

"Wow, can't believe we thought this was uber graphics lol. Still ok I guess"


mr_potato3987d ago

Yay my favorite game of 07 is gonna get some love.

Love u naughty dawg

mullet3987d ago

I can't wait to see their next PS3 title.

PR_FROM_OHIO3987d ago

The best looking game on any platform period!! that is until MGS4 is released. PS3 WILL OWN IN '08

Sevir043987d ago

but i think MGS4 look spectacular... definately better than whats on the other consoles right now, ^^ it's a graphical beast, but KZ2 man i'm sorry that the most graphical game i've seen for awhile it beats out uncharted ^^ i can only imagine what it will look like at completion Resistance 2 already look impressive. in alpha stage and looks damn amazing, when that game hits it's gonna be hot.

Uncharted 2 is gonna rock, but they need to revisit the Jak series, we really would like to see that i mean, why the hell did naughty dog and sony copyright Jak and daxter:the Lost Frontier. they better announce it or i'm gonna be mad. the PS3 needs all a next gen Jak.. so bring it darn it. ^^

resistance1003986d ago

@ 'Sevir04'

Jak PS3 is in development, they kind of gave it away as people were working on Models of Jak on a computer in the background during a uncharted interview

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