Why the Shooter Genre Desperately Needs Another Call of Duty 4

Incremental changes and moderate adjustments aside, the gaming renaissance that Call of Duty 4 introduced ended long ago, and now we’re left with a small handful of quality FPS experiences and a whole bunch of forgettable ones. If shooting aliens, corrupt Special Ops baddies, and zombies wants to remain enjoyable and exhilarating, the genre is going to need an enormous injection of innovation once more to keep it afloat.

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GraveLord2256d ago

They should remake Call of Duty 4!

True we do need another revolution.
Can't wait for Black Ops 2! Whooo!

egidem2256d ago

I haven't played any Call of Duty games since World at War. Anything after that just flew by me without any interest in looking at it.

Of all the Call of Duties to date since 2007, nothing beats the original Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. This was really a huge step in terms of new innovations.

asmith23062256d ago

I gotta say I liked MW2 for a while but that was the beginning of the end. Bought Black Ops and then traded it a few months after. Same ol, same ol.

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dangert122256d ago

killzone 2 is still here why do we need cod4 never mind another

xursz2256d ago

Killzone 2 is among the best FPSs this gen.

DasTier2256d ago

maybe top 10 but it no way tops any of Halo 3, BFBC2, COD4, Resitance 1, BF3 or Halo Reach.

asmith23062256d ago

I think the problem with KZ not being as popular online is the games story. BF and COD succeed because they are modern shooter which everyone can relate to, they dont need a story. Its harder to do that with sci fi shooters. Halo got the story right and a memorable protagonist, guarenteeing its multiplayer success. KZ characters and story are forgettable.

xtreampro2256d ago

Although I generally disagree with Sony fanboys what dangert12 said is true. KZ2 is probably one of the best online shooters this gen.

The online mode was just filled with fun! I hope KZ4 is more like KZ2.

WeskerChildReborned2256d ago

They don't desperately need anything really, they will still sell millions and milk it until an actual competitive game come's around and then they will probably disband Treyarch and Infinity Ward like how Guitar Hero ended.

Swagman23212256d ago

Funny the same FPS that they name "revolutionized" (don't get me started on this, there are much better shooters out then then CoD) is also the same franchise that has completely worn out the formula. What i think needs to happen is Call of Duty needs to die. Or they need to wait like 3 years before they release a new one and put some innovation into it rather then pump out the same game year after year. Absolute crap is what CoD has become.

BitbyDeath2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

COD4 has nothing on the TimeSplitters model.
If we can get a COD game with all the unlockables of the TimeSplitters (weapons, characters, levels, game modes) then i'd be all over it.

The shooter genre desperately needs more TimeSplitters esque games

sonicsidewinder2256d ago

Sad that it won't happen. Well, I think TS4 WILL be released, but the way of unlocking new characters and maps, as it was done?

That just stands as a modern day dlc practice in waiting. Gtta dl these maps. Want the Monkey character? Pay Up.

I fear for the game, but I want it all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.