Rockstar Peaked With Red Dead Redemption writes: The headline says it all really, and it is quite a bold statement. Rockstar Games could be considered one of the biggest, but more importantly, best developers in the industry today, yet I'm going out on a limb to say that the studio could have very well hit their peak with the release of 2010's Game of the Year winner, Red Dead Redemption.

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Nimblest-Assassin2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I totally agree with this...

A lot of people are excited for GTAV... and Im going to say it *GASP* Im not that excited for it that much...

I eventually pick up GTA... but those are games I play to escape, and just kill everything. But with RDR.. it was so different.

I got it on opening day, and man was I amazed.. the story telling, the environment the characters...RDR had it all.

I love stories in games, and RDR had this emotional tale of a father trying to right his wrongs, and get his family back. I never felt compelled to kill a random civilian out of boredom like in GTA, nor was I forced not too like LA. Noire. When people bring up GTA 4.. I yell NIKO MY COUSIN, ITS ME ROMAN!.But with Red Dead, I have a serious discussion.

I wanted to be the good guy. Never was I compelled like this in a rockstar game, never was I so emotionally invested with the main character in a Rockstar game, I was heartbroken at the conclusion. People rave about the radio stations in GTA.I say nay. The score in Red Dead is breathtaking

I think its Rockstars best game... the GTA's are good, but in my opinion, they can not compare to Red Dead Redemption

RioKing2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

^This. (with the exclusion of "not that excited for gta5", I can't wait to get it)

Nimblest-Assassin2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Well to each his own right... I think the fact Im not that excited is because of the small scraps of info we have on it... but if its the mature take RDR had, and I feel that same emotional connection with the main character of GTAV like I did with Marston... you bet your ass I will be excited for GTAv

Hell I bought Prototype 2 because I thought I would have that connection... nope I got this

I returned it after I platinumed it..Im a trophy whore don't look at me like that... but I got the incredible Max Payne 3 for only 10 bucks


Exactly why... when I played as Niko, I never cared when killing civilians... as Cole Phelps I couldn't because the game penalized you everytime you did... but with RDR you did not want to...because of how emotionally attached you became to Marston... thats why I think its Rockstars greatest game... I don't mind the disagrees... after all its my opinion, and Im going to stand to it

Outside_ofthe_Box2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

What Rio said. That is how I feel lol.

While I agree with you Nimblest, I kind of got the impression you was knocking GTA despite you saying the GTAs are good.

People need to remember that GTA4 was Rockstar's first game this gen. It's easy for people to look back and point out all the flaws of 4 as a reason why they aren't looking forward to 5.

I expect GTA5 to be a really really good. After playing the GTA4 DLCs and RDR, I've always expected the next GTA to be one hell of a game.

jamesgtaiv2319d ago

That feel. Honestly, GTA V and Farcry 3 are the only games I'm looking forward to.

Hisiru2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Well... yeah... I really enjoyed Red Dead Redemption MUCH more and I will give you my "agree" button but I disagree with you because GTAIV has a lot of great (and funny) characters like Niko, Brucie, Roman etc. GTA IV also has a great storytelling, the enviroment was really big and full of details but the problem is they simply removed some great ideas from GTA San Andreas (Gym, tunning car, airplane, bicycle, martial arts etc).

Red Dead Redemption is a deeper experience, no doubts.

Red Dead Redemption has a fresh concept (yes, I played GUN and Red Dead Revolver), better storytelling, an incredible character that you want to make him win and find his family, amazing world, great sense of exploration, amazing gameplay etc etc etc. I loved the song when I was going to Mexico, I almost cried.

Seriously, Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games this gen.

scotchmouth2319d ago

It's not that they peaked but they were behind LA Noire which was a miss and Max Payne 3 isn't going to appeal to everyone.

I think GTA V will come out and then Agent and then I would like to see this article updated. I do see why some people would think this. RDR was a pretty darn good game!

MrMister2319d ago

Red Dead Redemption was just more of the same open world sandbox with a story crap R* has yet to take to the next level. I had it and sold it back because it was just GTA in the wild west. We need something new to be added to the genre--like maybe a co-op campaign option to ride out with your friends as a posse, or a MMO type of game. Redemption wasn't a bad game--it's just that I felt like I'd been there, done that already.

Dee_912319d ago

Well how many gams did R* release between red dead and max payne 3?They basically just published la noire.
So its kind of dumb to make that statemeent when they only made one game since.
Makes more since to just flat out say red dead was better than max payne.Then again they are 2 totally different games.

lastdual2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I'm pumped for GTAV, but I am skeptical about it being better than RDR.

Simply having open fields made the gameplay much more freeform versus the cramped streets of GTAIV.

If I have to go back to navigating crowded roads, I really hope the vehicles at least have more forgiving handling.

slayorofgods2318d ago

Rockstar peaked somewhere between GTA3 & San Andreas. RDR is about as close as we got to Rockstar's golden years this generation..... So far at least.

ilikestuff2318d ago

not sure if they peaked, i think gta 5 will determine if rockstar is in a downward trend, if they did peak though it was with san andreas no doubt. red dead was good, ill even go as far as to say it was great but san andreas was legendary

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Jayjayff2319d ago

While i share your feelings towards RDR, i myself couldn't shoot civilians because Marston wasn't that type of man in my eyes. That is not good reason to expect them not to learn for what they have accomplished, Gta 4 was a hint of the maturity they're taking with their games and i think they will follow this trend from now on.

WeskerChildReborned2319d ago

Yea but i think GTA was the series that launched them to being who they are today and whenever i hear Rockstar, i think of GTA but i agree. I liked RDR better than GTA IV because of the story.

RDR will alway's be one of Rockstar's best games and if they are planning a sequel, then boy will i be excited.

RioKing2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Honestly...I was pretty hesitant to buy RDR at first, but ended up getting it based on the raving reviews it got from pretty much everybody; and it's turned out to be the biggest surprise of my gaming life...I was blown away by it. Still am.

If there's a sequel, prequel, or's a day-one buy for me.

spektical2319d ago

idk. i found RDR environment to be boring. the storytelling, and specifically John Morston were phenomenal.

arjman2319d ago

Na man the environment nailed the western feeling perfectly, sure there wasn't a gunfight or a heist at every turn but the feeling of just riding your horse on the plains with the sun setting did it for me

Fez2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Completely agree. My main memory of the game is endlessly riding on a horse with absolutely nothing going on in the environment. People said GTA IV had nothing to do in

Story was really brilliant though and Marston was a good character.

@arjman, so weird how one man's cure is another man's poison.

showtimefolks2319d ago

i am a RS fanboy so i don't think they peaked to me they make AAA big blockbuster titles and they learn from their mistakes so expect GTA 5 to be better than 4 and they must have learned something from RDR

RDR is one of if not the best games ever made along with MGS3 and MGS4 for me(also MGS: peace walker should be played by MGS fan its an amazing game)

mewhy322319d ago

Read Dead was awesome. Really something special and best on Xbox as see on lensoftruth.

Resistance_lord2319d ago

@mewhy32 Could You Troll any harder?..omg You can?!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )


And Xbox has exactly nothing to do with whether or not Rockstar has peaked.

So your reason for bringing it up is.... oh I see.

Scale of 10 on the trolling meter you get a 3. Minus several hundred just for trying too hard.

mewhy322318d ago


Simply making a statement isn't trolling young man. Oh, wait, this coming from someone with an avatar name of Resistance_lord ????? Yeah OK.
You need to look up the definition of trolling there sonny.

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koh2319d ago

I absolutely agree that RDR was Rockstar's best game, which only makes me more excited for GTAV. I feel that they have the ability to learn from their past successes as well as failures to deliver another great game.

vortis2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I love this post (bubbles to you). I don't discount that the agrees/disagrees are also about right. I think you have a very valid post which dictates a sound understanding of what makes some games fun and others, not so much.

I think I also had a pretty good connection with GTA's Lost and Damned. Unlike the Ballad of Gay Tony, I wasn't particularly compelled in TLAD to kill randomly because it had a much darker tone. I appreciate that you, too, liked this kind of weightier feel to some of Rockstar games.

I don't think that GTA V will be as engaging as RDR but I still look forward to it.

Ezio20482319d ago

Ohh so GTA IV doesnt compare to Red Dead. FYI GTA IV ranked 1st on Game Informer list of best games of this generation, 4th on Games Radar list of best games of all time, 5th on MS Xbox Wolrd list of best games of all time, higher than all this generation games in these lists. I am sure if any other popular list would have come, GTA IV would have topped that also. So think before you speak.

koh2319d ago

He said that was his opinion, he wasn't trying to say it was a fact that RDR was better than GTAIV. Additionally, it is an opinion that I agree with, and I really love GTAIV and both episodes. Reasonable people can disagree. So think before you speak.

NukaCola2319d ago

I wouldn't say they peaked. Rockstar San Diego is the best company branch they got. The also Made Sand Andreas which is by far my favorite GTA game. They are great.

Trey_4_life2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Rockstar san diego DIDN'T make san andreas, rockstar north developed san andreas as they did with gta 3, vice city and 4.

All GTA's made for console are developed by rockstar north, i have no idea why you thought san diego had anything to do with san andreas.

Infact, all rockstar san diego done before RDR was the midnight club series of games and even with RDR (story Written by Dan houser from rockstar north) they were under direction and in collaboration rockstar north.

So seriously, unless you rate the midnight club games over the GTA series then why would you favour san diego over rockstar north?

RumbleFish2319d ago

I really love all GTA games that I have played and I still play the older ones from time to time, but I also think that RDR was the most unique world they've created and the MP portion of the game was unique and entertaining too.
I would love to play RDR again... on PC, but that's a dream and I fear it will never happen.
RDR is one of my favorite games of all time. Best game of Rock*'s? I don't know. It's a question of taste.

Shaman2319d ago

Do you people understand that the latest leak from MP3 disk implies that GTAV will feature skiing, hiking and snowmobiles? It could easily be the craziest and boldest GTA yet. RDR was made by R* SD which, with North, is their best team. LA Noire was completely made by TB and Rockstar helped to make a game out of very complicated idea. MP3 is made by Vancouver so it was never meant to be on the level of GTA and RDR.

ginsunuva2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Even though the GTA's may have had groundbreaking design and whatnot, I did not find them to be fun games. Just big, detailed worlds with poor gameplay, and flooded with immaturity that doesn't really feel like social satire (I think that's what is intended - but only gta3 did that well).

RDR was a beautiful world, but the game started out slow, and just like all R* games, involves some grown man being everyone's errand boy. It's somewhat annoying, but RDR is better than any other R* game, still.

L.A. Noire was brilliant,s well, but that was Team Bondi for the most part; Rockstar published.

Max Payne 3, well, it's a fancy shooting gallery in between strange cutscenes. And the multiplayer is an auto-aim fest that involves no skill.


Man In Black2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

There's a free-aim option in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and you can find matches which use either option. Do some research next time.

Also, it's an awesome third person shooter with an involving story.

Pwee2319d ago

I think your in love son

SnotyTheRocket2319d ago


synchroscheme2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

GTA games seem bad(to me) except for the mindless fun that you can spend hours on. GTAIV however, seemed to "grow up" at least just a bit, and toned it down while trying to tell a somewhat thoughtful narrative based on the story of an immigrant starting his new life in the states (although there's still many explosions, helicopter chases and bowling to be had).

RDR is on a whole 'nother level in my eyes because Rockstar left out all of the things that prevented me from taking the GTA games seriously while focusing much more on the narrative. As someone who has watched too many western films to count, I thought RDR hit the feel of the genre just right, and I'm only saying this because looking back at it I don't remember the gameplay so much as I do the story, which almost makes it seem like I'm talking about a movie and not a video game. The gameplay was good, but it was certainly not the focus of the game, at least not for me.

I don't really think that Rockstar will continue this trend in GTAV so I'm gonna have to agree with the article, at least for now, that they really did peak with RDR and I would not expect them to outdo themselves with a sequel.

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KwietStorm2319d ago

Makes no difference to me. Rockstar has some very talented people at their studios, and I love just about every one of their games, even some of the obscure one like Manhunt. I'm not a critic. I just game. I either enjoy a game or I don't. I'm not going to dissect every element of a game until I unconsciously tell myself not to like it. And they're clearly not going anywhere. Red Red Redemption was a masterpiece, but I think you would be selling a studio and their future short by saying they peaked with a single game.

Nimblest-Assassin2319d ago

Agreed... RS is incredibly talented... I just finished Max Payne 3 and though it was great... MP is a bit iffy though

cstyle2319d ago

The person who wrote this must be hi because Max Payne 3 is awesome. Best cinematic storytelling and gun play ive seen in a long time.

neutralgamer192319d ago

Max payne is mediocre stop it. Sp is maybe a 7.5 with tons of annoying cutscenes and mp is lije a 6.5. Sorry i dont know what you guys are smoking i guess htpe really works.

kingdavid2319d ago

I think we got it the first time you said it. You dont need to keep saying it in every max payne news thread.

cstyle2319d ago you must have the PS3 version. They don't usually turn out as good....oh.. wait I just realized who you Now I get why you think the game isn't good.

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neutralgamer192319d ago

Oh you must not have a ps3 and just game on xbox lol now i know whyyou think its tge besr game ever lol poor youyou dont know what it really is to experience ps3 killa exclusives. I dnt blame you now. See what i just did haha checkmate.

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roadkillers2319d ago

I'm playing through the story mode now and loving it. If the online is anything like the single player, then it is definitely a step forward. I couldn't stand the competitive online for GTA4 and RDR. I played them for the single player and online free roam.

xVeZx2319d ago

free roam was fun especially playing around with the glitchy swingsets