First EX Troopers screenshots/art

Capcom released the first official screenshots/art of EX Troopers (not screencaps).

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--Onilink--2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

mmm im intrigued...some scans (like the one on this post) looks too good to be a 3DS scan, but others look bad for a PS3 scan... so i have no idea for which plataform are the scans for..

Other than that, it looks interesting, though the art style seems kinda weird for a game thats supposed to be in the same universe as lost planet

edit: after watching the trailer ( http://nintendoeverything.c...
im definitely inclining for the footage to be of the 3DS version, so it looks pretty good, because otherwise if this is the PS3 version, it looks bad...

as for the gameplay, its definetely looking good, i just hope they add support for the circle pad pro

ronin4life2252d ago

This looks pretty awesome...
Capcom filed for a usa/European trademark last year for an "ex trooper", so maybe (hopefully) it'll come stateside.^_^;