GamesBeat: God of War Ascension multiplayer features over-the-top show-off killings

Sony showed off the gut-wrenching and comic over-the-top multiplayer combat system for its upcoming PlayStation 3 game, God of War Ascension.

In the multiplayer version, you play an unknown hero, sponsored by one of the major Greek gods including Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, or Hades. To achieve godhood, you have to fight, and fight, and fight. As Kratos, you have your familiar spiked chain which you can cast out at enemies and drag them down. Evisceration is the typical way to take out your enemies in style. Your goal is to kill so many players you become a champion of the gods.

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acronkyoung2171d ago

Seems like something that'd be in a God of War.

nevin12171d ago

I wonder will they have a beta/demo later this year.